GCSE Writing Target StickersQuick View

GCSE Writing Target Stickers

Stickers for pupil work at KS4 telling them what they need to do to move up a grade. Adapted from a resource I found on this site to fit MFL. Should print on 4x2 labels pack.(Designed for Avery but fits bog standard generic brand)
Generic assessment templates for MFLQuick View

Generic assessment templates for MFL

These are a WORK IN PROGRESS so any suggestions for improvements welcome. We are still finalising the final format, so a bit of tweaking here and there still to come. Thanks to West Sussex project on APP in MFL and Dave Wicks, AST for input and inspiration. The aim was to update our assessment and try and get it in line with the new GCSE and to standardise across the department and languages we teach. There are probably a few spelling howlers... as I mentioned a work in progress. Enjoy- it may save someone, somewhere some time...
Rate your Learning AfL for MFLQuick View

Rate your Learning AfL for MFL

For all those of us who need evidence that they are AfL-ing when they let kids loose in the ICT suite/room/lab. Can be shoved on IWB and useful as a hwk sheet...Use at will.Enjoy.French version on site under Linguascope Learning with KS3 versions for German and French added today.
Linguascope Learning KS4Quick View

Linguascope Learning KS4

Log sheet in MS Word to print out or slap on the IWB to focus students when they are on the Linguascope site. In German at mo. Will add French and Spanish later. Signature panel at bottom if set for a homework.
GCSE Languages Pupil Mark Scheme/Progress SheetsQuick View

GCSE Languages Pupil Mark Scheme/Progress Sheets

A pupil speak mark scheme for the new OCR GCSE inspired by one done for Edexcel on this site by Knotty (Many thanks) Also sheets that can be shrunk down to A5 for feedback for written/spoken pieces of work where the pupils fill in the grade descriptor and the teacher writes a brief comment and an overall sheet for front of books/files to track progress over thecourse. Not rocket science but might save someone somewhere some time... Enjoy!!! (Don't you just love controlled assessments!)
Marking stickers for teachers & pupilsQuick View

Marking stickers for teachers & pupils

Adapted from an idea by a colleague used at another school, have added in NC level. Used for teacher, pupil self assessment and peer assessment. R/A/G for how well have understood/completed the task WWW - What went well EBI - Even Better If... to try and promote brief but more effective marking comments. idea is to use at least twice per half term
en mi mochila vocab sticks KS3Quick View

en mi mochila vocab sticks KS3

Print off these sticks or email to pupils to do so, stick them in an empty bean tin or mug and use to learn or test vocab. Please let me know any typos - Spanish is my third language and I am trying to help my daughter who is now in year 7…
Work Sampling Grid for MFLQuick View

Work Sampling Grid for MFL

Pupil Work Sampling Grid for MFL for use either as a Head of Department or to use as a team exercise with everyone looking at a sample of books and then feeding back together. It wasn't intended that every criteria would be looked at but a few would be focussed on - some need a pupil interview as follow up.
Weihnachten QuizQuick View

Weihnachten Quiz

Quiz for higher abiility or 'AS' level. Only very simple in layout. Could be transfered to an all singing all dancing Powerpoint or SMART Board activity
The 4 BsQuick View

The 4 Bs

This is a direct conversion from something on Dom Mc G's excellent MFL blog which I have converted into classroom posters and put Simpsons graphics in for each one. We are using to replace the 'Try 3 before me' which was getting a bit tired!
OCR Vocab List BookletQuick View

OCR Vocab List Booklet

The OCR voacb booklet downloaded from the www.ocr.org.uk. Not my own work, obviously, but I have converted it from a PDF to a word doc so you can adapt it, double space it, put in genders etc... Might save you some time somewhere