Handa's SurpriseQuick View

Handa's Surprise

An interactive PowerPoint based on the story Handa's Surprise....Using storybook images, photographs, symbols and text.... Works through the story recognising animals and fruit Thank You for all your feedback !
We're Going on a Bear HuntQuick View

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

PowerPoint and sensory ideas to support one of our favorite stories. Photos - Widgit symbols - Sensory stories - New to adding resources on TES so any feedback and comments gratefully received, Thanks
Mr Men activities and intro to topicQuick View

Mr Men activities and intro to topic

Activity ideas and symbols to support Mr Men describing. New to adding resources on TES so any feedback and comments gratefully received, Thanks. These resources are used to support original materials and books by the author that we own in school.
Make your own Lava LampQuick View

Make your own Lava Lamp

Step by step, visual instructions with symbol supports to create your own individual lava lamps. A simple science experiment to explore properties and a great visual activity. Experiment with colours, bottles and containers for the best effect. Try shining torches in darkened room on the bottles, or on light table. Seal bottle with lid when bubbles have stopped. CAUTION - If you use Alka Seltzers, please closely supervise!
Dear ZooQuick View

Dear Zoo

flashcards, sequencing and simple matching booklet to accompany Dear Zoo story using widgit communicate in print matrix maker Included link to video created by pupils called Dear Farm New to adding resources on TES so any feedback and comments gratefully received, Thanks
The RainforestQuick View

The Rainforest

Photos, text and symbols to support Rain Forest layers activity. Widgit, communicate in print
This is Me! - New pupil informationQuick View

This is Me! - New pupil information

A basic sheet to collect information from parents / carers / outreach during visits or first meetings. We print as A3 - forms the basis of communication passports. Used within ASD / SEN / EYFS setting
Communication Key RingQuick View

Communication Key Ring

Visual symbol support - Key ring of symbols to support communication - ASD - Communicate in Print New to adding resources on TES so any feedback and comments gratefully received, Thanks
Marshmallow Snowman TreatsQuick View

Marshmallow Snowman Treats

Simple step by step guides and visual supports to create a tasty and fun Christmas treat. Easy to follow. Tried and tested (and tasted!) within EYFS / ASC provision Great hands onactivity....only problem is you need to buy double the ingredients so you can taste test along the way !! ๐Ÿ‘ We hope you like them as much as we do
Peace At LastQuick View

Peace At Last

Adapted PowerPoint of a favourite story.\n\nIncludes symbols / text and sound effects to tell the story.\n\nSuitable for SEN / ASD provision\n\nWe hope you enjoy, please leave feedback if you do.\n\nMany Thanks
Sensory Play - a guide for parentsQuick View

Sensory Play - a guide for parents

A selection of ideas / introduction to sensory play ideas for parents. First of a series (hopefully!). Feedback appreciated. Thanks for viewing www.class67.doomby.com
Chocolate Easter NestsQuick View

Chocolate Easter Nests

Simple cooking activity with visual supports - Symbol resources - PowerPoint - used with pupils with ASD New to adding resources on TES so any feedback and comments gratefully received, Thanks
Swimming - Dressing scheduleQuick View

Swimming - Dressing schedule

Symbol supports to use with picture timetable in dressing / undressing schedules. includes clothing items and example timetable Used to promote independence and structure in dressing / self help. Matrix Maker
Remembrance DayQuick View

Remembrance Day

Adapted powerpoint for Remembrance Day.\nWe also included video clips and music such as last post but these will not transfer to upload.\n\nUsed within EYFS and ASD provision\n\nIncludes Symbol support
Red Nose DayQuick View

Red Nose Day

A selection of flashcards, symbols and lotto boards to promote thinking and communication around the subject of Red Nose Day. Used to support the resources and activities found at www.rednoseday.com/schools/early-years/learning-activities Hoping to add some more resources as we go
Halloween - Dressing UpQuick View

Halloween - Dressing Up

We made this simple PowerPoint to support work we did for a few of our pupils with ASD who struggle with people dressing up.
The Very Hungry CaterpillarQuick View

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Please note this resource has saved as 2 pdf files due to original coming from the printed booklet. This also means that once printed the sheets require cutting in half and ordered to form the workbook.Autism; SEN; Stories; Symbols
EgyptQuick View


An Introduction to our topic on Egypt. Simple photos and symbols Used in an EYFS / KS1 class for pupils with ASD
Buddhism - Lotus FlowerQuick View

Buddhism - Lotus Flower

PowerPoint showing images / symbols relating to Buddhism.\n\nBrief look at the Lotus Flower and it's importance.\n\nUsed as a focus in our Buddhism topic
Shape PowerPoint - Alien LunchQuick View

Shape PowerPoint - Alien Lunch

Simple shape activity - Find the shape to feed the alien his lunch.\n\nA PowerPoint used in ASD / EYFS / KS1 setting\n\nAdapted from a children's story.