Quizzes for form timeQuick View

Quizzes for form time

Powerpoint quizzes, with 10 picture questions each, answers on the last slide. One is on cartoon characters. One is multiple choice on chocolate bars. I have designed these for use in form time but they could be used elsewhere.
Sassoon's Suicide in the Trenches: War poetryQuick View

Sassoon's Suicide in the Trenches: War poetry

A powerpoint lesson presentation, using readings of Sassoon's war poem Suicide in the Trenches from youtube (Pete Doherty). The resource explores rule of three, use of second person and imperative command and leads to PQE (PEE) work.
Valentine by DuffyQuick View

Valentine by Duffy

This lesson introduces the poem through discussion about what makes a good gift. I wrapped up an onion for each table, with two layers of tissue paper, so the students had to guess what the gift was. The lesson leads to a piece of writing about what the poem suggests about relationships. This resource has some slides adapted from a lesson found elsewhere.
SEN printable worksheetsQuick View

SEN printable worksheets

Numeracy, literacy and handwriting skills. I have even used these with low ability KS3 pupils. The handwriting sheets are ace - you can change the text to suit the pupil!
Whose phone is this?Quick View

Whose phone is this?

A small worksheet which encourages students to think about characters in a text, They draw the background image that a character would have on their phone, as well as apps that the character may have.\nIdeal as a homework task - it could be discussed in a following lesson, or stuck into an exercise book and justifications written around the outside.