Character & Voice RevisionQuick View

Character & Voice Revision

Here is a lesson PPP for revising the Character and Voice cluster of Moon on Tides. Designed for a double lesson the pupils will revise key poems within the cluster in different ways in pairs. Self assessment slide is very informal and does not refer to any grade boundaries!
ImageryQuick View


Differentiated activity on the first slide. Pupils match images to lines from the poem and then write PEE chains based on analysing the imagery used.
Romeo & Juliet QuizQuick View

Romeo & Juliet Quiz

A quick 20 question quiz to reactivate students knowledge of the text. Pitched at mid range you may want to differentiate up and down as required for your classes. Based on the 1997 movie.
GiveQuick View


A single lesson exploration of Give which focuses on the tone of the poem rather than the language. Simple powerpoint to be adapted as you needed.
Poetry Level LadderQuick View

Poetry Level Ladder

A level ladder with specific descriptors for each level with regard to poetry. Includes 'exceptional' for pupils working Level 8 or higher.
Medusa Numerical AnalysisQuick View

Medusa Numerical Analysis

Numeracy in English ... it is possible! Numerical analysis of types of language used in the poem. Makes a nice introduction or extension activity.