Maths Counting Clip Cards 0-30Quick View

Maths Counting Clip Cards 0-30

This packet includes 175 counting clip cards that are perfect for counting unit. The counting clip cards are the great addition to any primary education and numeracy program. They provide an opportunity for children to practice counting number 0 to 30, number recognition and to create a solid foundation for future mathematics. This hands-on math clip cards reinforces counting skills while captivating young minds and encouraging math learning. #Maths ************************************************************************************** All rights are reserved. Having purchased this item, you are entitled to make copies of it for personal use or your classroom use only. Uploading this item on the internet (even for personal use) is also prohibited and breaches the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. In this event, the item will be recognised by search engines and its publisher identified. ************************************************************************************** My sincere hope is that you will have found this product helpful! I welcome questions and queries about this or any other of my products.
Christmas Quiz 2017. Christmas Quiz Slideshow EditionQuick View

Christmas Quiz 2017. Christmas Quiz Slideshow Edition

New Buyers: 90% off with code: NEWYEAR90 Return Buyers: 50% off with code: UMZQ53TF enter @ checkout! TOP SELLING quiz globally last Christmas. Updated and improved for 2017 to include a visual round and a hilarious "True or False" round. Get your copy and give students a Christmas challenge with this big, challenging Christmas quiz. 40 questions, 10 visual questions and 25 True or False questions that will really challenge students knowledge about all things to do with Christmas. If you do purchase this resource you can choose another resource from our shop free of charge up to the value of £20. Simply visit our shop, look through the 1000 + resources on offer and email me at Click here to go to our shop and have a browse! Our little Christmas present to you! Provided in easy to print list form and also as a visually festive slideshow with a slide per question so that questions can be displayed on the whiteboard. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Start Education! Christmas Xmas quiz 2017 - It's just fun!
'London', William BlakeQuick View

'London', William Blake

A 28 slide, two lesson presentation covering the poem 'London' in detail. Annotations for the entire poem as well as example analytical paragraphs. The lessons feature a range of individual and collaborative tasks to develop students' understanding of the poem.
Deadpool - Superhero Coordinate GraphQuick View

Deadpool - Superhero Coordinate Graph

Students review their x and y axis coordinate skills by plotting and drawing out this superhero themed picture of Marvel's Deadpool. Blank graphs to copy on 11" x 17" paper included.
Introduction to Science Color-by-NumberQuick View

Introduction to Science Color-by-Number

Great for Back to School! A fun activity to introduce your students to Science! Includes: * Student answer sheet * 20 General Science Questions * Answer Key Other Colour-by-Number activities available: * Atomic Structure * Magnets * Electricity * Acids & Alkalis Any feedback would be appreciated!
Multiplying Fractions Color by NumberQuick View

Multiplying Fractions Color by Number

With this activity, students will practice multiplying fractions (proper and improper with some cross cancellation) as they color! Once they put their answers in simplest form, they color the part of the picture with their answer according to the indicated color to reveal a beautiful, colorful mandala. Not only is coloring a great way to motivate students, but the final products also make fabulous classroom decor! This activity is excellent for sub plans, enrichment, extra practice, early finishers, or just plain fun! If you like this, you may also like these other color by number activities: Rounding decimals Multiplying decimals Identifying multiples Identifying factors Dividing decimals Converting fractions and decimals Basic order of operations Adding and subtracting mixed numbers Adding and subtracting fractions Two-digit multiplication Adding and subtracting decimals Thanks for looking and enjoy your new product!
Reading Comprehensions - Stories of SurvivalQuick View

Reading Comprehensions - Stories of Survival

Apollo 13 Plane crash in the Andes Mine rescue in Chile Castaway This collection of four guided reading activities, aimed at children aged 10-13 years old, tests children’s inference and deduction skills. It will also promote lively and engaging classroom discussion as children explore these remarkable stories for themselves. Each activity has questions and answers, with an indication of how many marks are on offer at the end of each question. This is particularly helpful for children preparing for reading tests and exams, encouraging them to give fuller answers where required.
Adding and Subtracting Fractions Color by NumberQuick View

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Color by Number

With this activity, students will practice adding and subtracting fractions (with unlike denominators) while they have fun creating a colorful masterpiece! Students will color their simplified answers according to the color indicated to reveal a beautiful mandala pattern. The answers are all positive (no negative answers) and include some mixed numbers. Even unmotivated students enjoy coloring, so let them have fun while they practice their basic fraction skills! This activity is excellent for sub plans, enrichment, early finishers, extra practice, or just plain fun! As an added bonus, the finished products make beautiful classroom decor! Thanks for looking and enjoy and enjoy your product!
Christmas Homophones Search - The Night Before ChristmasQuick View

Christmas Homophones Search - The Night Before Christmas

Christmas Homophones Search - The Night Before Christmas. Fun printable handout for December. A Christmas activity searching for homonyms and homophones in a crazy homophone version of the famous Christmas poem "The Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clark Moore. Supports common core standard to spell correctly. Challenging activity using poetry: I recommend you use partners. It will take your students some time to find and correct all of the incorrect homonyms in this one. No prep. Print and go. Student answer sheet and key included. - HappyEdugator
Conduction, Convection, and Radiation WebquestQuick View

Conduction, Convection, and Radiation Webquest

Students go on a webquest full of simulations, videos, and games that help them learn about conduction, convection and radiation as methods of heat transfer. All links to websites are included on the final page.
Word Puzzle Escape Room ActivityQuick View

Word Puzzle Escape Room Activity

Teams work together to solve the puzzles using critical thinking skills to discover a four-digit code to open the lock. You can use an actual lock with a number combination to give it more of an escape room feel, but it is not required. After each correctly completed puzzle, teams submit their solutions to the Key Master (teacher) to receive a key with a code word on it. After collecting all four keys, teams unscramble the words for a final instruction/clue to crack the combination. This is a fun activity that will get your students thinking and working together. It is especially great for upper level ESL students to get them talking and they will probably even learn new vocabulary in the process. This is great as an ice breaker, before or after a school break, or any time you want to mix things up and give your students a fun break while also encouraging critical thinking. Although it is not directly related to Halloween, the theme of escape rooms would be perfect to use around Halloween also. This activity does not involve a lot of pieces or complicated setup, so this is a perfect option if you want a fun escape activity that is relatively low prep. This resource contains the following: 1. Teacher instructions and notes 2. Student instructions and key/code recording sheet 3. Series of four puzzles/challenges for students to complete: * Riddle Puzzles (hink pinks and hinky pinkies). Teams work to find two-word rhyming answers to the clues. *Pictogram: Teams find the hidden message by solving the pictogram puzzles. From the given pictures, letters are added, subtracted, or replaced to reveal words from the message. *Cryptogram puzzle: Teams work to decipher the message that will also help them figure out the final code. Three versions are included so you can choose the appropriate level of difficulty. *Logic Puzzle: Teams work together to figure out the solution to the puzzle about guests escaping a haunted castle. 4. Color-coded keys to distribute to teams after each correct puzzle 5. Answer keys
'Bayonet Charge', Ted HughesQuick View

'Bayonet Charge', Ted Hughes

A 26 slide, two lesson presentation covering the poem 'Bayonet Charge' in detail. Annotations for the entire poem as well as example analytical paragraphs. The lessons feature a range of individual and collaborative tasks to develop students' understanding of the poem.
Introduction to the moleQuick View

Introduction to the mole

This PowerPoint and accompanying worksheet guides students through the challenging concept of the mole. Over the course of the lesson students develop their understanding of what a mole is and how it links to chemistry; in particular the periodic table. This could be used with 9th, 10th or 11th grade students.
oa and ow (oa) digraph worksheetsQuick View

oa and ow (oa) digraph worksheets

oa labelling worksheet and ow (making the oa sound) labelling worksheet. Plus an 'oa&' and &';ow' cloze activity.\noa = goat, boat, oak, soap, toad, road, etc.\now = slow, snow, blow, yellow, pillow etc.