The Olympics - FrenchQuick View

The Olympics - French

I really struggled to find anything on the Olympics in French to use with my set 1 KS4 class so made the attached worksheet - it's a reading exercise with three people's opinions on the Olympics - supposed to be a magazine article asking young people what they think about the Olympics. There are three different exercises attached - 2 do with the article and a vocabulary exercise. Hope it comes in handy for someone!

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TV programmes - GermanQuick View

TV programmes - German

A PowerPoint including: Connect Four Match up activity Vocabulary with pictures Singular vs plural Table to fill in gern/nicht gern/lieber Reading exercise Noughts and crosses Slap the board Listening exercise from Echo 2 New vocabulary on TV programmes Noughts and crosses Reading exercise

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Year 8 German - Past TenseQuick View

Year 8 German - Past Tense

A PowerPoint including: Accommodation vocabulary; How to form the past tense; Revision of haben/sein; Translation slide; Sandwich building - to form the past tense; Vocabulary to copy; Order the words; Gap fill; Translation exercise; Noughts and crosses; Joined up words to separate exercise; A reading exercise; I have, who has - please feel free to inbox me if you need help with this; Extension work; Wordsearch.

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Physical Descriptions - GermanQuick View

Physical Descriptions - German

A PowerPoint including: A match up activity Vocabulary with pictures of celebrities Vocabulary to copy Triple Trouble game - connect three in a row - questions included A listening activity from Echo 1 (I'd usually add in Pass the Parcel here) Connect Four - add in your own vocabulary/questions for where the question marks are Various forms of haben/sein Choose the correct answer Gap fill Translation exercise Noughts and crosses Battleships - divide the class into two teams and they can find the battleships - there are 7 squares with Xs under them - 2 of 2 and 1 of 3.

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Future Tense - After schoolQuick View

Future Tense - After school

Two PowerPoints and a worksheet based around what one will do after leaving school and on the use of je/tu/il/elle/on with the aller + infinitive future tense. Some slides are the same in the two powerpoints - this is because I didn't get through everything in the first lesson! Hope it helps someone, please feel free to comment!

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Places in town - GermanQuick View

Places in town - German

A PowerPoint made for my set 5 of 6 GCSE class, including: A mind map; Match up activity; Write up vocabulary; A reading exercise - true/false and answer questions; ein vs kein; A translation exercise - sentences; A translation exercise - a paragraph; Noughts and crosses; A gap fill; Blockbusters - there are letters - I don't have a list of clues, but they are all for places in town or short sentences - you can change these; A set of dominoes.

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Future Tense - German - Echo 3 GreenQuick View

Future Tense - German - Echo 3 Green

A PowerPoint including: Translation exercise Vocabulary to copy How to form the future tense Noughts & crosses Gap fill Listening exercise from Echo 3 Green I would then add in pass the parcel Part 2: Order the words Using du wirst instead of ich werde Making chatterboxes to predict other people's future Slap the board Adding in time phrases é word order Order the words

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Summer 2011 QuizQuick View

Summer 2011 Quiz

General quiz: general knowledge, TV, music, film quotes, famous people, etc. Hope it comes in handy!

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Schools in Germany & England - Echo 3 GreenQuick View

Schools in Germany & England - Echo 3 Green

A PowerPoint including: A 1 minute speaking challenge Reading exercise from Echo 3 Green Comparing life in school in Germany and England Match up activity - questions & answers Writing exercise - worksheet included Reading exercise Noughts é crosses A reading é listening assessment included - the listening is from Echo 3 Green

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German greetings presentationQuick View

German greetings presentation

Covers basic greetings: *Hello *Names *How are you? *Goodbye The listening exercisse is from the text book Echo 1. The Vokabelkette: the teacher starts the chain and then asks the first pupil what their name is, they then say their name and ask the next person and so on. The pairs of famous people at the end are cut up and one is given to each pupil. They have to walk around asking each other in German what their name is, to try to find their pair. Any questions/comments please feel free to comment/send me a message! Thanks!

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Shops - GermanQuick View

Shops - German

A PowerPoint on shops including: A match up activity Vocabulary with pictures Vocabulary to copy Slap the board Match up activity of what you buy where Explanation of the dative with 'in' Richtig/falsch exercise Choose the correct answer Gap fill ABCD quiz - choose the correct answer - plenary Wordsearch attached too

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School subjects - GermanQuick View

School subjects - German

This resource includes: Match up vocabulary; Vocabulary with pictures; Vocabulary to copy (including a sheet for SEN pupils); What's missing; Slap the board; What subject is it?; What's your favourite subject?; Reading exercise; Listening exercise (Echo 1); Speaking exercise - could be completed as a survey; Writing exercise; Wordsearch could be used for extension.

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Celebrities Presenation - MediaQuick View

Celebrities Presenation - Media

A presentation I made for my year 10, set 4 class. It contains: a text on Alan Sugar with a GCSE style question focusing on the positive and negative aspects of the text objectives a blank page with a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker to be used with the IWB for pupils to come up with what they already know first physical descriptions translation (I used with individual whiteboards) a match up activity of adjectives Tic Tac Toe games a homework task Pass the Parcel extension work I also gave out pictures of celebrities and pupils wrote down sentences on them.

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Healthy lifestyles - GCSE GermanQuick View

Healthy lifestyles - GCSE German

A PowerPoint including: A translation exercise Vocabulary to copy (sheet at the bottom for pupils to just fill in the English) Blockbusters with clues A translation exercise Order the words Homework sheet - also on sports

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Protecting the environment - German - Echo 3 GreenQuick View

Protecting the environment - German - Echo 3 Green

A PowerPoint including: Match up activity Vocabulary with pictures Vocabulary to copy Listening exercise from Echo 3 Green Using frequency words and word order umweltfreundlich vs umweltfeindlich Noughts and crosses A writing exercise

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Dschungelcamp - Echo 3 RedQuick View

Dschungelcamp - Echo 3 Red

A PowerPoint, which spanned over 3 lessons, including: Discussion of reality TV Revision of past tense Translation exercise Vocabulary to copy up Gap fill haben vs sein with past tense Order the words Connect Four Reading exercise Noughts & crosses Board game - if pupils can't translate the vocabulary, they go back 2 spaces Sequencers é word order Order the words Find the mistakes in the sentences

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