Vacations - general introductionQuick View

Vacations - general introduction

A PowerPoint including: Some independent thinking activities & a competition; Some general starting vocabulary; A reading exercise; Vocabulary for pass the parcel.
Snakes and Ladders - holidaysQuick View

Snakes and Ladders - holidays

Students play snakes and ladders as they usually would but have to be able to translate the word on the square they land on from English to French. If they can't, they move back 1/2/3 spaces - you can adapt that. Hope it helps someone!
Physical Descriptions - GermanQuick View

Physical Descriptions - German

A PowerPoint including: A match up activity Vocabulary with pictures of celebrities Vocabulary to copy Triple Trouble game - connect three in a row - questions included A listening activity from Echo 1 (I'd usually add in Pass the Parcel here) Connect Four - add in your own vocabulary/questions for where the question marks are Various forms of haben/sein Choose the correct answer Gap fill Translation exercise Noughts and crosses Battleships - divide the class into two teams and they can find the battleships - there are 7 squares with Xs under them - 2 of 2 and 1 of 3.
reviewing handout- 6th GradeQuick View

reviewing handout- 6th Grade

A handout reviewing: Basic questions Colors Countries Numbers (briefly) Pencil case items Exercize 1 is a word gap fill Exercize 2 is to pick the odd one out Exercize 3 is a letter gap fill Exercize 4 is a writing exercize Hope it helps someone!
The Olympics - FrenchQuick View

The Olympics - French

I really struggled to find anything on the Olympics in French to use with my set 1 KS4 class so made the attached worksheet - it's a reading exercise with three people's opinions on the Olympics - supposed to be a magazine article asking young people what they think about the Olympics. There are three different exercises attached - 2 do with the article and a vocabulary exercise. Hope it comes in handy for someone!
Personality traits & jobs - GermanQuick View

Personality traits & jobs - German

PowerPoint including: A match up activity, Vocabulary with pictures, Vocabulary to copy, Zero and crosses, Verbal tennis, Reading exercize, Using müssen to describe what you have to be like for a certain job, Gap fill, Translation exercize from English to German, Blockbusters with clues, Part 2: gern/lieber/am liebsten, Order the words, Translation exercize, Reading exercise, Job quiz, Connect Four, Handout included
German greetings presentationQuick View

German greetings presentation

Covers basic greetings: *Hello *Names *How are you? *Goodbye The listening exercisse is from the text book Echo 1. The Vokabelkette: the teacher starts the chain and then asks the first pupil what their name is, they then say their name and ask the next person and so on. The pairs of famous people at the end are cut up and one is given to each pupil. They have to walk around asking each other in German what their name is, to try to find their pair. Any questions/comments please feel free to comment/send me a message! Thanks!
Mamma Mia moviekritikQuick View

Mamma Mia moviekritik

It can be adapted for higher sets or made easier for lower sets if necessary. It goes through a movie review and there are exercises for vocabulary, etc.
Verb endings - irregular verbsQuick View

Verb endings - irregular verbs

A PowerPoint about the irregular verbs covered in the seasons and activities section of Echo 2, including: A verb table; Richtig/falsch exercise; Gap fill; Noughts and crosses; Battleships - for pupils to play in pairs; A crossword is also included.
Foundation German GSCE Common VocabularyQuick View

Foundation German GSCE Common Vocabulary

Lists of vocabulary: List 1 includes: pets, school subjects, house & furniture, food é drink, household chores, shops, clothes, rooms of the house, free time activities, holidays, colours é days of the week List 2 includes: connectives, time expressions, countries, problems, TV programmes, family é friends, lifestyle (health), work, classroom equipment, general school.
Reality TV in GermanQuick View

Reality TV in German

A PowerPoint including: Starter activity - thinking time for adjectives, Reviewing of past tense, Match up activity, Vocabulary with pictures, Vocabulary to copy, Reading exercize Listening exercize, Gap fill. Part 2: Zero and crosses, Questions on video clips of German version of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here - links given above. Gap fill, bingo, Translation exercize, A board game - if students get the question wrong they move back two spaces.
Personality descriptions - GermanQuick View

Personality descriptions - German

A PowerPoint including: A song reviewing verb endings - to the army tune, Zero and crosses game - verb endings & physical descriptions, Match up activity of characteristics, Vocabulary with pictures, Vocabulary to copy up, Slap the board, Listening exercize, Translation exercize, Strip bingo.
Daily routineQuick View

Daily routine

*Match up the vocabulary. *Vocabulary repetition. *Write up vocabulary (additional helpsheets for differentiation). *Slap the board. *Secret signal. *Match up the times *Reading exercize *Pass the parcel (Mike for us as I have a Mike teddy!) with a link to a German song (cultural awareness!) Please feel free to comment.
Summer 2011 QuizQuick View

Summer 2011 Quiz

General quiz: general knowledge, TV, music, film quotes, famous people, etc. Hope it comes in handy!
Future Tense & Predictions handoutQuick View

Future Tense & Predictions handout

A handout of four exercizes made for my 8th Grade students. The first exercise is a match up exercising encouraging students to match up the verbs with the ends of the sentences. The second exercize is a gap fill. The third exercize is an unscramble the letters exercize - quite challenging. The fourth exercize is a short writing exercise which can easily be adapted. I hope it helps someone, please leave feedback!