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Introduction to Mandarin Chinese

A series of 5 PowerPoint which can be used as an introduction to the language of Mandarin Chinese. Each PowerPoint covers a different area of the Mandarin Chinese language with clear guidance for both children and teacher in terms of pronunciation. Includes words spelled phonetically as a guide. Ideal to use as a part of school club. Initially used for a small group of children from year 3 to year 6 but can be adapted based on needs.
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Mandarin Chinese Quiz - MFL

KS3 Introduction to Chinese (Mandarin) Revision Escape Quiz for the end of term. Suitable for KS3 students. (Escape Room Mixed with a self marking and instant feedback Quiz - Perfect for students to do whilst social distancing. Why not treat your MFL class to something special, and educational… (Have Fun , Problem solve and learn about china in this KS3 Escape Quiz) All students need is a laptop/Computer or iPad/Device and the ability to use PowerPoint to participate. Estimated to last 30 mins - 45 minutes 1 x Editable PowerPoint Version (You can edit the secret message left at the end for the students on the white board slide 85) 1 x PPTSX Version - Send the file straight to the students or set up on a shared school drive for students to access. 1 x Digital Progress bar built in Quiz Self Marks for the students. This resource has several cool hidden features, pathways and puzzles to solve whilst also going through a series of 20 Subject themed self marking Multiple Choice Questions. Sound effects enhance the experience. Over 85+ PowerPoint Slides - Save points, Checkpoints, Traps and Moral dilemmas etc… We have produced a YouTube walk through explainer video Just follow Cre8tive Resources YouTube Channel How could you use it Set it up ready to go in a school computer room - Host a competitive challenge and organise a leader board with escape times. Send it out to students who can download the file and attempt it in their own time. Work specifically with vulnerable student or small group of students and set it up on a large projector and solve as a team whilst led by the teacher or TA to discuss the concepts that come up Edit the template slide 85 to have a personal message for each student / Class Why should I purchase it? Perfect fun activity to send to Students at home or to set up on their own devices or in a computer room. It s completed independently. This escape quiz self marks and provides the student with instant feedback, progress and encouragement. There are lots of hidden aspect to the Escape Quiz and provides great challenge with a sense of adventure. Over 20 Multiple Choice pathway questions to the Escape Quiz themed on the topic in question. Product Code: C8/ESQ/16 You may also want to check out these other great transition based resources for your students: Transition Activity Pack Transition Digital Escape Room Summer End of Term Quiz
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classroom language French Spanish Mandarin

Ofsted: students should ‘use language creatively and spontaneously to express what they want to say, including when talking to each other informally…’ This colourful resource helped my students to become more creative and confident with the target language.
Mandarin Chinese Taster LessonQuick View

Mandarin Chinese Taster Lesson

Perfect for KS3, 4 and 5. Introduction to Mandarin Chinese, facts about mainland China, provides students with the opportunity to practise greetings and allows them to practise the calligraphy of a Chinese character. A worksheet is provided. PGCE Secondary (MFL) training at University of Cambridge Faculty of Education.
Mandarin ColoursQuick View

Mandarin Colours

A handout with all the major colours in Mandarin. Handouts include Pinyin and Characters. Small enough to be glued into workbooks, give these handouts to pupils as simple support.
Mandarin - HelloQuick View

Mandarin - Hello

This is a resources targeting Primary school students, but it can easily be adapted for a class of beginner Year 7 / taster day.
Mandarin Words Mat GCSEQuick View

Mandarin Words Mat GCSE

Words mat in Mandarin including intensifiers, adjectives, negatives, time phrases, connectives, opinions. Using these various components will help the students to develop more complex sentences and add variety to their speaking and writing. This will enable them to achieve a higher grade. Can also be used as display.
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Mandarin - Pinyin Teaching Pack

Pinyin lesson including initials, finals, video and phonetic pronunciations. Listening practice including tones to test overall pinyin recognition with audio for questions included Pinyin worksheet containing all initials and finals and exceptions. Encourage students to write their own phonetics for the pronunciation for each sound.
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Mandarin Videos for Pronunciation

Mandarin Vidoes for Pronunciation are a quick, easy and fun way for pupils to learn new words either with the teacher or by themselves at home. These Mandarin Videos for Pronunciation can be used by the teacher in the classroom or by the pupil for self-study at home. The videos will run through the vocabulary for Happy Chinese (快乐汉语 Kuai Le Han Yu) books 1 and 2. This video will display vocabulary with Charcater/ Pinyin and English meaning and will also pronounce each word. It will then lead the viewer through pronunciation drills. At the end of the video, just the vocabulary (characters only) will be displayed for pupils to pronounce by themselves. In my experience, playing these videos twice at the start of each lesson allows pupils to learn the words faster with correct tonal usage. It also allows them to recognise characters without having to check the Pinyin.
Mandarin Chinese 9-1Quick View

Mandarin Chinese 9-1

5 Resources
All of my best resources in one place for GCSE 9-1 Chinese including higher level vocab and phrases for speaking, writing prompts and marked grade 7/8/9 essays so you can compare the often slight difference between these grades.
Sports Worksheets (Mandarin Chinese)Quick View

Sports Worksheets (Mandarin Chinese)

1. Character Writing and Colouring Worksheet 2. Fill in the Blanks and Word Search Worksheet 3. Writing Practice Worksheet 5. Activity Worksheet (Exercise Worksheet / Assessment / Portfolio. Exercise including Mix and Match, Word Search, Join Dots, etc. )
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Colours (Mandarin Chinese)

1. Two pages vocabulary worksheets included. The second page has colour-coded vocabulary. Another two engaging worksheets are also included to help consolidate students’ knowledge. 2. Vocabulary bank - to be displayed in the classroom. Students could easily refer to when answering questions or doing activities.