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Greetings Flashcards (Mandarin Chinese)

Flashcards of Basic Greetings Basic Greetings Hello! - 你好 Good Bye! - 再见 How are you? - 你好吗? Thank you! - 谢谢 You are welcome - 不客气 Sorry! - 对不起 It’s alright. - 没关系 Good evening! - 晚上好 Good night. - 晚安 Good morning! - 早上好
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Numbers1-10 Worksheet (Mandarin Chinese)

Numbers 1-10 1. Chinese characters tracing and colouring worksheet 2. Caterpillar Activity Worksheet 3. Revision Worksheet (Mix and Match) 4. Exercise Worksheet (Circle the right number) 5. Chinese characters practice worksheets 6. Count, write down numbers and colour 7. Word Search Worksheet (Pinyin)
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Mandarin Chinese Teaching materials: Includes a ppt introduction to China, and looks at names of cities and countries.
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Mandarin Chinese Taster Lesson

Perfect for KS3, 4 and 5. Introduction to Mandarin Chinese, facts about mainland China, provides students with the opportunity to practise greetings and allows them to practise the calligraphy of a Chinese character. A worksheet is provided. PGCE Secondary (MFL) training at University of Cambridge Faculty of Education.
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Colours (Mandarin Chinese)

1. Two pages vocabulary worksheets included. The second page has colour-coded vocabulary. Another two engaging worksheets are also included to help consolidate students’ knowledge. 2. Vocabulary bank - to be displayed in the classroom. Students could easily refer to when answering questions or doing activities.
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Mandarin Colours

A handout with all the major colours in Mandarin. Handouts include Pinyin and Characters. Small enough to be glued into workbooks, give these handouts to pupils as simple support.
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Countries worksheets-国家 (Mandarin Chinese)

1. Countries with flags worksheets 2. Writing practice worksheet-Countries 3. World Map Worksheet 4. What’s your nationality Worksheet 5. Word Puzzle&Mix and Match 6. Countries and Nationality PPT: vocabulary regarding countries and nationality (pinyin, English meaning, characters & stroke order), dialogues asking nationality, activities that help students practise and consolidate their knowledge
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Mandarin Chinese number worksheet

This is a simple worksheet for the numbers 1-10 which will help to reinforce them. The activity should take between 5-10 minutes to complete and will support your lesson. It could also go well with my lesson on numbers, dates and birthdays here: Please don’t forget to rate the resource! Thanks! 谢谢!
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Mandarin Chinese Family worksheet

This worksheet focuses on the words for family members and helps learners to start using them in sentences using simple adjectives. Note The preview only shows the first of the 2 sides of the worksheet, and the picture makes the format look broken. In fact, the worksheet looks even nicer when downloaded - apologies about the poor preview image.
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Flashcards (Mandarin Chinese)

7 Resources
Flashcards Bundle All the flashcards you need for vocabulary testing or practice. Greetings Family members Months Days of the week Animals Fruit Countries
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Colours - 颜色 (Mandarin Chinese)

Use this set of entertaining worksheets to learn/revise colours. Check out the enriched pack here:
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Mandarin Chinese Topic- countries

Here is a presentation for learning countries and cities of UK and China. It is also about nationalities. This is suitable for teaching primary or S1, S2 at a beginner level. These files include ppt, class handout and homework. Enjoy!
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Mandarin Words Mat GCSE

Words mat in Mandarin including intensifiers, adjectives, negatives, time phrases, connectives, opinions. Using these various components will help the students to develop more complex sentences and add variety to their speaking and writing. This will enable them to achieve a higher grade. Can also be used as display.
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Mandarin - Pinyin Teaching Pack

Pinyin lesson including initials, finals, video and phonetic pronunciations. Listening practice including tones to test overall pinyin recognition with audio for questions included Pinyin worksheet containing all initials and finals and exceptions. Encourage students to write their own phonetics for the pronunciation for each sound.