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Inaba Puzzles

A collection of 9 very different types of puzzles, aimed at all ages, using different areas of study. Each puzzle type has 42 puzzles. Solutions are included (I combined into 2 pdfs to save downloading). I originally found these on a blog by Susan Carter - her link is in the instructions. She got them from Naoki Inaba's site, which is also in the instructions. I aim to use in a once-a-fortnight puzzle period to end the fortnight. I have several other suitable puzzles on TES.
Cholera: Death by DiarrhoeaQuick View

Cholera: Death by Diarrhoea

A KS4 & post-16 resource (12 page booklet) Cholera is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. There have been seven worldwide disease outbreaks or pandemics since 1817, killing millions of people and infecting millions more. This resource charts the history of the disease and investigates the causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disease, as well as vaccine development and community education strategies.