The Pirate Game in FrenchQuick View

The Pirate Game in French

This is a resource I found originally from paulcollins and have translated into French as an end of term activity. The kids loved it!

By SRodden89

Plotting and Identifying Coordinates (Iron Man, Minion, Heart, Dragon & Bat Logo)Quick View

Plotting and Identifying Coordinates (Iron Man, Minion, Heart, Dragon & Bat Logo)

A set of 5 different pixelated images to create by joining coordinates. These resources are very popular on the TES and I decided to make my own for my students as I enjoy doing them just as much as they do. Included are: a heart, a ‘minion’ (from the ‘Despicable Me’ films), the ‘bat logo’, a Dragon (for St. George's Day) and ‘Iron Man’. All images include both a 1st quadrant only and all 4 quadrants set of coordinates so you can differentiate for your students’ abilities. All answers included

By paulcollins

Maths & Music Fun StartersQuick View

Maths & Music Fun Starters

Here are some short song 'mashups&' that contain lyrics with numbers. The idea is the students add up all the numbers that they hear in the songs to get an overall total. There are 13 at the moment, including a &';joke' one. I will keep adding to them as I continue to make them or spot songs with lyrics. Shout out to paulcollins, (an inspiration!) who also has done similar starters and are available on his blog (linked in my blog)

By MathsWithFriends

Takeaway Homework Menu - MathematicsQuick View

Takeaway Homework Menu - Mathematics

This is my 'takeaway homework' menu I give to my students. The pdf contains a ready to print version of the menu to give straight to students. The idea is that they choose any task to complete for their homework from the menu. I set these homeworks over a half term and students have to earn a set amount of 'chillies' in these weeks. On the ppt file I have an editable version of the menu for you to change my name etc to suit your students - this can then be printed as above. I also have many examples of work from my students to use for inspiration as to what can be created. There are also some display logos and ideas from my current display board in the word doc. See my blogs below for more details! I love this approach to homework and so do my students.

By paulcollins

Maths Literacy and Language - ROTW 19 (2011/12)Quick View

Maths Literacy and Language - ROTW 19 (2011/12)

This resource was selected to be TES Resource of the Week. Strange words like “evaluate”, “justify” and “prove” seem to stop the students in their tracks, confuse them and make them think that they can’t actually do the question. Any resource that can help alleviate the problem is always going to be popular with me, and that is what I think this particular resource from paulcollins is excellent. In the video we take a look at the resource itself, and then I suggest a couple of ways it could be made even more useful in the classroom.

By TES_Maths

Mathematics Taboo Cards - IB HL + CalculusQuick View

Mathematics Taboo Cards - IB HL + Calculus

Based on a resource by paulcollins (thanks, Paul), and adapted to be suitable for a HL IB Maths class. My class did the calculus option so come cards reflect this but these could be easily swapped out if your class did another option or an A-Level course. Good for a fun end-of-course activity and helps build/revise vocabulary for EAL students.

By jlhopper

GCSE Foundation Linear Math Confidence AuditQuick View

GCSE Foundation Linear Math Confidence Audit

I have developed a confidence rating spreadsheet for GCSE linear foundation Maths classes to fill in. The students rate themselves on all the grade G-C topics on a scale from 0-10. I have programmed in RAGing for score, student average and class average making it easy to interpret. If you have time, you can represent the scores graphically. May i thank paulcollins for uploading the audit checklist of topics which i used along the top of this spreadsheet. It can be found at

By mistrym03

GCSE practice questions and revision notesQuick View

GCSE practice questions and revision notes

Mr. Collins' Maths Table Sheets - Collins City 5 Here is the fifth of the 'Collins City&' revision table sheets I use with my Year 11s as GCSE revision. Look out for the other &';Collins City' sheets and the &'Raymond Rovers&'; sheets. Questions 1-5 are aimed at Foundation Tier Questions 6-10 are aimed at Higher Tier

By paulcollins

Mr. Collins' Maths Sheets - Revision aidQuick View

Mr. Collins' Maths Sheets - Revision aid

This is the sixteenth of 17 Mathematics sheets in the 'Raymond's Rovers&' series of my Mathematics Sheets. I use this sheets with Year 11s for revision purposes. Questions 1-5 are aimed at Foundation Tier & Questions 6-10 are aimed at Higher Tier To find out more about how they can be used follow this link to my blog:

By paulcollins

GCSE Revision - 'Tip of the Iceberg'Quick View

GCSE Revision - 'Tip of the Iceberg'

These are a series of revision lessons I have put together following a literacy exhibition lesson I observed. The idea is that you show the students the 1st slide on each & ask what is implied by the image - what could they be asked to do in a GCSE exam question if they were presented with that image? Following their ideas, there are lots of different questions using the intial image. For more information on how I have used these with my classes see

By paulcollins

'Flappy Bird' Data Handling LessonsQuick View

'Flappy Bird' Data Handling Lessons

This resource includes 2 videos of me playing the game 'flappy bird&' and a [updated] notebook file for possible lessons you could then teach, based on the videos. The videos could be the start of a series of lessons to collect, represent and compare data. Videos are linked to my YouTube Channel (mrcollinsmaths). Any other suggestions as to how the videos could be used are greatly appreciated. See my blog for more info.

By paulcollins

Trigonometry Calling CardsQuick View

Trigonometry Calling Cards

A set of 3 calling cards I give to my students. They each get a set of three cards. I then put examples on the board and point to a specific length of a triangle. The class then hold up the card they think corresponds with the length.

By paulcollins

Maths Football IWB Match ActivityQuick View

Maths Football IWB Match Activity

This is an IWB resource I created to go with my 'Mr Collins&' Table Sheets&'; resources. The idea is that I split my class into the two teams 'Collins City&' and &';Raymonds Rovers' and then using an inflatable football to play a &'match&'; of football with the class as a plenary activity; students answer questions to 'shoot&' or pass to another player. For more information on how I run this activity see my blog post at Resource can be used without the table sheets by printing and handing out the team shirts on slide 2.

By paulcollins

KS3 Maths Keywords Revision: 'Pointless'Quick View

KS3 Maths Keywords Revision: 'Pointless'

This is my Mathematics version of the TV show 'Pointless' for information as to how I intend to use this in class visit my blog posts & I am to use this as revision with my classes or as an end of term/topic activity. NOW UPDATED WITH THE INCORRECT ANSWER &'X&'; BOARD!

By paulcollins

Fake 'Twitter' Page powerpointQuick View

Fake 'Twitter' Page powerpoint

This is my fake class 'Twittter' page that I use once I have done a class 'Tweets' plenary. In the Class 'Tweets' plenary I get my classes to write in a Tweet (140 characters) on post-it notes something they have learnt during the lesson that they did not know previously. The class then stick their post-it notes on the IWB on the way out. I then type up their 'tweets' on to the powerpoint and show the class at the start of the next lesson to show the class what they learnt in their previous lesson

By paulcollins

'Thubbles' or Thought BubblesQuick View

'Thubbles' or Thought Bubbles

Here is a set of 4 'Thubbles' that I use every now and again to re-engage my learners. The idea is that the students fill in the thought clouds with an appropriate suggestion of what the characters are thinking! You get some rather interesting ideas! I used to use this in Cover lessons when I was waiting for work.

By paulcollins

Negative Numbers ResourcesQuick View

Negative Numbers Resources

Here are a collection of resources I have used in my lessons on Negative Numbers. There are various activities/tasks for the students to complete on these slides.

By paulcollins

Random Name GeneratorQuick View

Random Name Generator

Here is a Random Name Generator I use with my classes (the one attached is for my Year 7 class). In order to use just change the names, class, my name etc and then hit F5 to run slideshow, names will automatically rotate until you hit 'S&' on the keypad for stop. Resume the slideshow by hitting &';P' (for play!)

By paulcollins

The Vedic Square - WorksheetQuick View

The Vedic Square - Worksheet

KS2/ KS3 Worksheet. I love this! I was Tweeted a link to the following site: by @toots2106 (Chris Talbot) [TES name: chris2106] This is the Vedic Square. A 9 by 9 grid that reveals patterns from the sums of the mutiplications of the numbers. Students work through the w/sheet that I have created based on the website's activity and produce all the different Vedic patterns for each digit from 1-9. I can&'t wait to use this... UPDATED to include completed grids

By paulcollins

Mr. Collins' Maths Sheets - Revision aid KS3 , KS4Quick View

Mr. Collins' Maths Sheets - Revision aid KS3 , KS4

This is the second of 17 Mathematics sheets in the 'Raymond&'s Rovers&'; series of my Mathematics Sheets. I use this sheets with Year 11s for revision purposes. Questions 1-5 are aimed at Foundation Tier & Questions 6-10 are aimed at Higher Tier To find out more about how they can be used follow this link to my blog:

By paulcollins

Y11 Homework Sheets (B-A* Grade)Quick View

Y11 Homework Sheets (B-A* Grade)

These are the homework sheets I have been using with my top set Y11 class. They cover 10 different topics aimed at them achieving A/A*s in their GCSE examinations. Topics covered: Surds, Bounds, Algebraic Fractions, Probability, Recurring Decimals, Indices, Factorising, Sim Equations + more. For C-B grade h/w sheets see my other resource.\n\nNow with answers included!

By paulcollins