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What schools say about the Tes Schools Awards

Read our testimonials from years gone by.

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  • I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our talented academy and regional staff, students and parents for this spectacular achievement. To be named secondary school of the year and overall school of the year is truly extraordinary and reflects the hard work of everyone within our trust. I am delighted for our students in particular and the community the academy serves.

    This achievement comes after years of hard work and determination from everyone at Heartlands. It is thanks to the dedication of our amazing staff that our students continue to thrive at the academy and are fully prepared for the next exciting step in their careers.

    Jane Millward, chief executive officer, E-ACT
    Secondary school of the year and Overall school of the year 2020
  • As with everyone in education it’s been an incredibly difficult 10 months: it’s been so inspiring how the whole community has pulled together. We started Curriculum K before anyone had even heard of Coronavirus, but it’s thrown that work into sharper focus. This is such a huge boost for everybody – we’re all so excited! This award is the fulcrum of everything we set out to achieve – if children aren’t mentally and physically well, they are not going to be able to learn. That applies to the staff and the wider community too.

    Ben Levinson, headteacher, Kensington Primary School
    Wellbeing and mental health award 2020
  • I’m really blown away! It’s been a phenomenal journey from where I started. I’m immensely humbled. The results have gone through the roof and have now placed us in the top 3% in the country. This award means a lot to the school community too – this is the icing on the cake on top of all the hard work the staff have put in.

    Evelyn Forde, Copthall School
    Headteacher of the year 2020
  • We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the International award at this years' Tes awards ceremony. We can't wait to share this extraordinary news with our pupils tomorrow, they are the real superstars in all of this. They face many difficulties and challenges on a daily basis and they amaze us every day with their enthusiasm for completing international work.

    Working on international projects has enabled them to participate in the wider community and experience different cultures first hand. They have made friends for life with their international peers and memories they will never forget. We would like to thank our partner Mira Hamit from Collège Départemental Elsa Triolet in France for working with us and giving our pupils the opportunity to work with their students.

    All of our partner schools have been so welcoming and understanding of our pupils and their needs. We are looking forward to our next exchange to Spain in September and creating more memories with our pupils."

    Sarah Gower, deputy headteacher, The Observatory School
    International award 2019
  • Winning the Tes Primary school of the year award has had a phenomenal impact on Eldon’s community. We were all so proud to receive this national accolade, which celebrates everyone’s part in making Eldon an outstanding and ambitious learning community!

    Azra Butt, headteacher, Eldon Primary School
    Primary school of the year 2018
  • It was a fantastic feeling to win a Tes schools award and it was a great affirmation after over a decade of working to promote healthy lifestyles at Farsley Farfield. The award has given us a massive lift and has inspired us to plan even bigger and better things for the future!

    Peter Harris, headteacher, Farsley Farfield Primary School
    Healthy school of the year 2017
  • We are all so thrilled to have won. This award is a fantastic tribute to all the young people at Victoria Education Centre, their families and wonderful recognition for the amazing staff whose innovation, dedication, creativity and ongoing hard work are making such a difference to the lives and future success of the students. We are really proud that the achievements of our amazing young people have been recognised again on a national level.

    Simon Brown, headteacher, Victoria Education Centre
    Digital innovation/ed tech school of the year 2017
  • It’s been the most amazing six months for Bolden Outdoor Nursery School. The emotions , feelings and camaraderie the evening creates get you through the toughest of days and the longest of terms. If you’re thinking of submitting an entry for 2017, then please do, do, do.

    Sue Stokoe, headteacher, Boldon Outdoor Nursery School
    Early years setting of the year and Overall school of the year 2016
  • We’re so thrilled to have won the award for numeracy and maths. The team at ARK Atwood has worked so hard to put the Mathematics Mastery programme into place, so that pupils can not only master maths but enjoy it too. We’re very proud of our staff, and pleased that their dedication and effort has been recognised with such a prestigious award.

    Daniel Upfield, headteacher, ARK Atwood Primary Academy
    Numeracy and maths award 2014

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