English: Student-led revision for study leave

Nicola Davison
04th April 2017

Ensure that GCSE and A-level students stay on track while revising independently using these structured resources

Whether or not you feel ready, it’ll soon be time to wave goodbye to your students as they head off on study leave and take responsibility for their own revision. But you need not feel powerless! Keep supporting your GCSE and A-level classes from afar by sending them off with one or more of these top-quality resources, designed to help them stay focused while studying at home.

GCSE resources

  • Differentiated Macbeth guides
    Including basic plot summaries, quotation explorations and opportunities for extract analysis, these mini revision guides offer a structured approach to consolidating learning.
  • An Inspector Calls workbook*
    Scaffold learners’ understanding of the characters, themes, contexts and settings of the play with this well-presented 22-page activity book.
  • Lord of the Flies revision mat
    Give students this colourful map to recap a range of keywords and quotations from Golding’s classic novel ahead of tackling exam practice questions.
  • Unseen poetry practice booklet
    An oldie but a goodie! Questions get gradually harder as pupils work their way through this comprehensive collection of poems.
  • Language devices flashcards*
    Help learners get to grips with language devices using these editable flashcards, ideal for pair work or as an individual cover-and-check activity.

A-level resources

  • Monthly revision activity grid
    Particularly useful for those studying tragedies, this easily adaptable calendar breaks down revision into manageable tasks.
  • Generic plot-tracking chart
    Encourage pupils to stay on top of key events, characters and quotations on a chapter-by-chapter basis using this table as a starting point.
  • Jane Eyre revision booklet*
    Covering major themes and characters, this 20-page guide comes complete with spaces for students to add their own notes.
  • A Handmaid’s Tale guide
    Including quotes from Margaret Atwood herself, this detailed booklet highlights key areas of the text that warrant further investigation.
  • AS-level pre-1900s poetry workbook*
    Distribute this well-organised booklet containing a range of questions and activities to encourage in-depth thinking about language and author intention.

*This resource is being sold by its author

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