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A Christmas Carol: Full Scheme & Resources

A Christmas Carol: Full Scheme & Resources - aimed at GCSE, but easily adapted for KS3.
By jamestickle86

Much Ado About Nothing: Full Scheme of Work

A complete unit of work with all powerpoints and resources. This was originally planned for a mid-low ability GCSE group but is easily adapted. Similarly, originally for old IGCSE Edexcel but suitable for other specifications. Text used: Cambridge School Shakespeare, 2014, though most references are to act, scene and line number. Branagh's 1993 production is available on Youtube. The scheme of work also makes reference to the 2012 Joss Whedon version and the 2011 Globe production (though not essential).
By timgoundry

Anita and Me (155 slide PowerPoint, 17 worksheets and 21 lessons)

Anita and Me by Meera Syal contains 11 lessons designed to develop pupil knowledge and understanding of the plot, characters, language, themes and the social and historical context of the novel. Activities i:

-A brief biography of Meera Syal

-An explanation of the social and historical context of the novel (1970s Britain, the Black Country, immigration in the 70s, racial tensions, the partition of India )

-Plot tracking

-Activities to explore structure

-Analysis of Meena and her family as well as Anita, Tracey and Robert

- Exploration of key themes - identity, racism, family, friendship , childhood, growing up, the cultural diversity of C20th Britain

- And a whole lot more!
By Martin Grundy

Macbeth: Full Scheme & Resources

A full scheme of work and resources for Macbeth (KS4).
By jamestickle86

AQA English Language GCSE - Paper 1, Section A Resources Part One

A two week (8 lesson) scheme of work introducing students to Paper 1, Section A (Explorations in Creative Reading) of the new AQA English Language GCSE. The aim is to introduce students to the format of the exam and teach them the skills needed to analyse unseen prose extracts to be able to answer questions 1-3.

The scheme of work focuses on extracts from the opening of 'Fahrenheit 451', 'From Russia With Love' and 'The Night Circus' - I have not been able to upload these due to copyright restrictions but they are available online. The James Bond extract can be found here: http://thrillers4u.com/20_ian-fleming-from-russia-with-love-dr-no-and-goldfinger_extract.html and the 'The Night Circus' extract is from the opening page of the novel.

A full scheme of work is included with detailed guidance and notes to outline the structure of each lesson.

In addition to this, each lesson is fully planned and resourced as a PowerPoint presentation - over 100 slides for the two week unit.

See part two resources here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/2017-exam-2015-aqa-english-language-paper-1-section-a-resources-part-2-11145473
By RojoResources

Full Imaginitive Writing SOW (New Curriculum)

This is a PowerPoint presentation that contains 26 lessons, of 60 minute each for the new 9-1 English Language GCSE's. The lessons cover idea generation (with and without visual stimuli), planning, creating effective narrative and descriptive, organising paragraphs, creating interesting openings, writing monologues, writing for a specific audience and purpose, appropriate and effective vocabulary choices, using a range of sentence types for effect, use of a range of punctuation for effect, proofreading skills as well as 2 different practise assessments.

This PPT can be differentiated up or down with ease (a few GATE extensions have already been included in the presentation).

This SOW was created to the Edexcel exam board requirements.
By eemccart

AQA NEW 2015 Literatrure anthology poems section B

Lessons for the 15 'power and conflict' anthology poems. Feedback would be appreciated.
By gill.benet

Love & Relationships Poetry Cluster (AQA GCSE)

This is the PPT for an entire unit of work covering all of the poems in the AQA GCSE 'Love and Relationships' poetry cluster. It is designed with the new spec (teaching from Sept 2015) in mind.

PLEASE NOTE: I made this PPT for a student who I home school privately. So: although it IS targeted towards the AQA mark scheme and DOES contain a mix of learning activities/styles, it IS NOT differentiated for a mixed ability group and will therefore need tweaking before using with a whole class.
By Emily Richards

English literature

Macbeth mini revision guides for new spec

To be printed as mini revision guides. Handy for homeworks or private study. AQA GCSE new spec Lit. The 3 guides are not very different to each other - just simplified closer to the lower end. Might save you a couple of hours!
By josephs15


A comprehensive revision resource containing 39 video links to the web from various contributors: a fully hyperlinked ppt with a contents slide that makes Jekyll and Hyde revision for students, staff and tutees more accessible; all they have to do is sit back, watch and listen.
Often students are unsure which resources to trust on the web. This resource ensures a range of contributors who approach Jekyll and Hyde revision from a different angle, but ultimately achieving the same goal, thereby offering students a choice of who they learn from.
For my Year 11s, the format was extremely useful as they were able to work their way through the slides and know that they were covering what they needed to know.
As an English teacher and a former librarian, it is part of my remit to source and organise a minefield of resources, that is the web, into a more accessible format that students can trust and have access to at their finger tips. All links have been tried and tested.
Included are:
-audio readings of chapters with annotations and analysis
- 15 extract analyses
-animated video
- silent film
- analysis of characters
- background and context (ideas of duality)
- analysis of setting, structure, narrative structure, sentence length
-understanding the author
-revision notes top 10
-student exemplar



Disclaimer: I am not claiming authorship of the linked resources, only the extensive effort needed to source the links and create the interactive ppt.

If you have any queries or problems with the resource, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will rectify them.
Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks AT:).
By Anita Taggart

AQA Romeo and Juliet Revision Workbook

A 51 page workbook to revise Romeo and Juliet in preparation for the new AQA English Literature GCSE.

There is a summary and extract from each scene, with a selection of extract based tasks.

The majority of the tasks can be self-assessed in class to minimize marking, and this could be used either as ongoing homework or independent classwork.
By naomi265

AQA Conflict Cluster All Poem Resource

This is a booklet with every poem in the AQA Conflict and Power Cluster (the new one exams from 2017), each poem has detailed exemplar annotations, information on context, themes and structure.

The booklets also contain guides to teaching these poems and sample questions based on sub themes and links between poems.

All ideas welcome as this will be enhanced and developed through time.
By Simonccx

AQA Poetry Love and Relationships Workbook/Revision workbook

A workbook using the TSMILE structure to analyse all fifteen poems in the Love and Relationship cluster for the 2017 exams.

There is space for students to write notes for each poem; a comparison chart and a glossary of key terms.

Word and PDF versions included so that they can be amended as needed.
By Stealthteaching

A Christmas Carol GCSE differentiated revision sheets on themes and context

These outstanding 5 star revision sheets are aimed at preparing students for the AQA 2017 examination on 'A Christmas Carol'. With the closed book format in mind, the sheet contains the important quotations from Staves 1 to 5, a range of points to make about context (A03) and a range of AQA style exam questions to work on.

Starter: Students read the 42 quotations and work out which Stave they come from.

Main Activity: A3 revision sheet
Bronze: Identify what we learn about the character in each quotation (A01)
Silver: Identify the key words and language features in each quotation (A02)
Gold: Identify which theme each quotation links to (A01)
Diamond: Relate each quotation to a relevant point about context (A03)

There is a second revision sheet which groups quotations by staves and themes and contains examination questions and context linked to each theme.

For lots more A Christmas Carol resources visit: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/davidmartinreed
By HMBenglishresources1984

An Inspector Calls Revision Scheme and Character Sheets

A series of lessons for each member of the Birling family (and Gerald Croft) designed to help revision in preparation for assessments.

Each lesson contains extracts or a series of quotations, a GCSE-style question and model answers before students attempt the question themselves.

The Character revision sheets complement the main SOL with adjectives to describe each character and an opportunity to turn this into a discussion. A question on stagecraft and author intention and a space for an attempt at the key question.

Cover sheet is useful for post assessment identification of where and how students have been successful.
By spidermatt

EDUQAS Poetry Anthology Revision Aid

A PowerPoint and worksheet that allows students to revise their knowledge of the 18 EDUQAS poems - there is room for students to add names, poets, themes, context, and a quick summary of each poem based on a picture related to each poem.
By xSamxHx

English language

NEW GCSE English Language: AQA Paper 1 Revision Booklet

A booklet of practice texts, reading questions and writing tasks to help students studying for the new AQA English Language GCSE Paper 1: Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing (first exam Summer 2017). Accompanying unit of work: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/new-gcse-english-language-scheme-of-work-analysing-language-lessons-1-4-11348739
By timgoundry

GCSE English Language Revision Mats

Three revision mats, covering the challenges of the new GCSE English Language papers:
language and structure analysis;
evaluation of writers' methods;
writers' perspectives and attitudes.

The mats can be used in lessons or to prompt homework, as well as traditional sources of information for revision.

Also useful to teachers and tutors of this subject, to help develop understanding of the exam requirements.
By s.malloy

Last minute English Language Exam revision game

Team games relating to skills needed for WJEC English Language GCSE exam. Designed to be a bit of light relief in between more intense revision sessions.
By Pip142

Harry Potter Exam Prep - WJEC GCSE Unit 2

No knowledge of Harry Potter is needed!

Exam prep booklet and accompanying powerpoint to try and keep year 11 engaged and revising up until the exams. Specifically looking at the new WJEC spec and the narrative/descriptive writing skills.

If you see any errors, please let me know. Hope this helps relieve some stress somewhere. (PDF version in case the booklet loses its structure in word)
By Gemma_Towers

Eduqas Language Component 2 study/revision booklet

GCSE English Language Component 2 study/revision booklet
97 page booklet
Designed to fit the New GCSE for Eduqas
Language Component 2
How to answer questions
Section A
Section B
Practice papers
By Elocin123

EDEXCEL English Language Paper 1 Revision Guide

This PDF revision guide will take students through the different questions of the examination paper - Section A and Section B. The aim is to skill students up to be successful on this examination paper.
By Racheal Smith

English Language Paper 1 Q5 revision AQA 2017

Revision lesson for AQA English Language Paper 1 Q5.
By Cbalms

AQA GCSE English Language Paper 2, Section A Revision Lesson - 2

A 31 slide lesson presentation taking students through a sample paper for the GCSE AQA English Language, Paper 2, Section A exam.

The presentation includes clear learning objectives, a starter and review activity and opportunities for self and peer assessment.

Clear guidance is given for each question and model answers are also provided. Differentiation to extend and support students is also incorporated into the lesson presentation.

Clear links are made to the markscheme and assessment objectives throughout.

Could be used to walk students through the paper or as a follow up and feedback lesson once students have completed the paper.

Lesson plan included.
Sample exam paper also included.
By RojoResources
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