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Maths in the real world

Help students understand how their learning relates to the world of work by getting them to think like logistics managers in this forward-thinking lesson.

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A brief insight into how fractals are created as well as examples in Maths, art and nature. Includes a spreadsheet to investigate. Requires a basic understanding of complex numbers to fully appreciate.
By danwalker

Maths and Art Time Telling Updated for 2018-19

I originally produced this resource to help my own children learn to tell the time. It has since been used extensively to support teaching time telling to children aged between 5 and 10 years of age.

This Key Stage 1 and 2 Maths resource provides clear visuals and activities to support children in the development of time telling skills. The aim is to encourage children to take a hands on approach linking maths and creativity in an enjoyable way.

Slides are provided in three different formats; full colour, black and white photocopiable and tinted dyslexia friendly.

By Start Education

Monster Mayhem - 2D Shape Board Game

A fun cross-curricular activity that I made to consolidate knowledge of 2D shapes. The children go around the board collecting shapes to reassemble their monster after a volcanic explosion blew them apart. Game cards are used to quiz children on the properties of shapes which they then use to design their monster.
By LEMadden

Rotational symmetry patterns

This can be used as an art activity, an introduction to rotational symmetry or an extension easy!
By pink12house

Composite 3D Shapes Drawing Skills Worksheets, Art, STEAM

Composite 3D Shapes Drawing Skills Worksheets

This set contains 10 worksheets for students to trace and then draw for themselves 3D composite shapes.
By STEMthinking

Pictogram template - What are your toys made from?

After watching the PowerPoint, 'materials - toys in my stocking', we looked at the toys the children themselves had brought in. We discussed the materials they were made from and classified them according to their main material. The children then drew small pictures of their toys which we photocopied for them to collect the data. They then completed this pictogram to see which material was the most frequently used in the toys that they'd brought in :-)
By kmed2020

Shape Match Up - Minibeast theme

A4 pdf which includes templates of minibeasts made out of 2d shapes plus corresponding coloured shapes to match to the templates. Minibeasts includes are ladybird, butterflies, snails, dragonfly, bee and spider. Just cut and laminate to make a themed, cross curricular matching game. Template bases have captions of inibeast names in Sassoon infant font.

By bevevans22

Making Fruit Salad Sequencing Cards

Clear A4 posters with simple text and picture prompts. Could be used on the IWB, as a display or as smaller table top cards to guide pupils.
By bevevans22

Fireman Sam's Ladders

A chance for learners to be creative and build three ladders for Fireman Sam. We used straws and sticky dots to put them together, but children may think of other options! This was carried out during our People who look after us theme, but could be used anytime. Once the ladders were made we ordered them from shortest to tallest....and then built a Pontypandy village with short and tall houses and made short and long fire engines!
By kmed2020

STEM Math Murder Mystery Case#54 A Math Challenge

This murder mystery will engage students by taking them on a journey to solve addition math puzzles to solve a murder. Students will need to gather evidence by completing charts, Interview witnesses by sorting through addition equations and compare data to narrow the suspects. Finally they will narrow it down to two suspects, with a final hundred chart puzzle to uncover the truth.

Who is the Math Mystery Murderer!!!

By Kiwilander

Dragon Quest Adventure KS2 Maths Problem Solving

A Powerpoint adventure using mathematical problems.
I used this in Computing lessons as an example for the Y6s to create their own adventure type game and plan a sequence. The maths content is not aimed at UKS2.
By Justyw

Spy maths - context based maths

Lessons based on the idea that Dr Evil is going to attempt to take over the world and only YOUR class can stop him. Embed the first video into a powerpoint and have Dr Evil suddenly appear in the middle to kick start it all, and then your children will be ordering henchmen into a Most Wanted list, order them on Evil Street, work out catering for the evil convention, create a model of the device, and eventually destroy it. The final Dr Evil video shows the kids they have defeated him. Some of the final resources are missing and due to a computer meltdown I no longer have them. Sorry!

By mrsNibbles

STEM Marble Roller Archery: An Engineering and Math Challenge

This STEM activity is a great group activity for your students. It combines both engineering and statistics. The students need to work together to complete the challenge given.

SCIENCE: Students will use skills in the scientific method: observing, communicating, comparing, organizing, and relating.

TECHNOLOGY: Students can document learning through the use of digital technology.

ENGINEERING: Students will devise and implement a strategy to construct Marble Roller Device.

MATH: Students will explore measurement, graphing, statistics, patterns, and build mathematical knowledge through problem solving
By Kiwilander

STEM Lesson - Building a bridge

A STEM lesson where pupils can learn about three different types of bridges.

Pupils will then construct a bridge using a template trying to create the longest and strongest bridges. You will need small weights for the test such as plastic multi-link cubes.
By conorblevins

STEM Challenge! Build a Sailboat

In this stem challenge students will build a boat to move items from one side of the room to another. This is a really simple Stem challenge that is fun and exciting.

What is in the packet:
1. STEM Challenge teacher lesson page
2. Prototype worksheet
3. Results/Reflection worksheet