Tes Research series

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Tes Research series

What's included?

In the Tes Research series: volume one you'll find 60 pages of interviews with acclaimed academics - providing you with the information you need to know about:  

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  • Being a research-informed professional: Professor Dylan William talks about the usefulness of the research that’s out there and how teachers are currently consuming it.
  • How memory works: Professors Robert and Elizabeth Bjork explain how to match teaching to our knowledge of how memory works, and why linking learning to students' interests is key.

  • Dyslexia: Professor Margaret Snowling addresses myths around dyslexia and warns that education is still missing opportunities to help support students at an earlier stage.

  • Growth Mindset: Professor Carol Dweck, creator of the growth mindset theory, embraces the intense scrutiny around the theory and delves into the questions behind its validity.

  • The use of play in education: Dr Sara Baker talks about her research into the use of play in schools and how we might have been getting it wrong.

  • How we learn to read: Professor Daniel Willingham talks through the three processes children need to get right to become successful readers.

  • Autism: Professor Uta Frith explains that we’re now a much more autistic-aware society, but that myths and misunderstandings remain, particularly in schools.


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