Earning royalties on your resources

Our royalty levels reward Tes authors for selling more resources - the more you sell, the higher your royalty rate. Here you can find information on how it all works.

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Author royalty

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What are Royalty levels and how do they work? 

Authors are rewarded with higher royalty rates based on the value of their sales over the last 12 months, meaning the more authors sell, the higher royalty rate they receive. The total sales value is calculated monthly on a rolling total, before Tes funded discounts or vouchers are applied. 

The royalty levels are: 


£6000 + of 12 month rolling total sales value 

80% of VAT/GST exclusive sales price* 


£1,000-£5,999.99 of 12 month rolling total sales value 

70% of VAT/GST exclusive sales price* 


£0-£999.99 of 12 month rolling total sales value 

60% of VAT/GST exclusive sales price* 

*Resources priced under £3/$3 are subject to a transaction fee of 20p/20c 


How do I receive the proceeds of my sales? 

When someone buys your resource, the payment will be processed and your royalties will be added to your seller balance. You can view your balance in the Sales section of your Author Dashboard. 


When your account balance exceeds £10/$10 you can request to withdraw your balance. Just click the 'Withdraw now' button beneath your sales balance to request a payment directly to your bank account (you will be asked for this information when you make your first withdrawal, and if this hasn’t been provided or is incorrect, you may experience delays). Funds will normally arrive within five to seven working days for UK payments and 10 to 12 working days for international payments. You are limited to one withdrawal per week. 


I haven't received my payment, what should I do? 

If you haven’t received your payment within the time frame specified, please email authors@tes.com for help with resolving this. 


Why can the royalty amount I receive differ from sale to sale? 

Royalty amounts can differ from sale to sale due to the following factors: 

1. Your royalty level: 

Royalty levels reward authors with higher royalty rates and additional benefits based on the amount of money spent on the resources they publish. 

2. The location of the buyer which determines the tax (VAT) rate: 

VAT on each transaction (where applicable) is deducted from the purchase price, then the royalty rate is calculated thereafter. The percentage of VAT charged depends on the location of the individual buying the resource (their VAT jurisdiction). 


Do Tes charge transaction fees? 

All authors have a transaction fee of 20p/20c applied when: 

  • A resource is bought that is priced under £3/$3 

  • A resource is bought that is usually priced at £3/$3 or more but has been discounted by you to under £3/$3 


If you increase the price of your resources to £3/$3 or more, you’ll pay no transaction fee on them. You’ll find a handy ‘Change price’ button by clicking on any of your paid-for resources within the Resource Management section of your Author Dashboard, making it easier to update the price. 


How will I know my new royalty rate has been applied? 

You can see your royalty tier on the top right of your Author Dashboard. We will be checking royalty levels on a monthly basis. The previous 12 months of sales will be taken into account when assessing your royalty rate as we know that sales volumes vary throughout the calendar year. 


How can I manually track my royalty tier progress? 

Your royalty tier is set at the start of every month based on the total value of all the resources you have sold over the previous 12 complete months, and this will be recalculated each month.  

For detailed guidance and information on how to calculate how much you need to earn to reach the next through the month, please visit our blog here.       


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