Copyright report process

A visual representation displaying the process and handling of copyright reports of resources on Tes.

Tes Author Team

The copyright report process, a visual representation

With Tes resources consisting of User Generated Content (UGC), we often receive queries regarding copyright infringement. We thought it would be useful for both our authors and our users if we put together a diagram to represent the process that takes place when a resource is reported to us for copyright reasons. The flowchart below shows the possible courses of actions taken when a resource is reported to us for copyright reasons with the different possible outcomes actioned by our Customer Service team.

Copyright report process - flowchart:

Diagram of the copyright report process, text repeated in the paragraph below


Copyright report process - text version:

  • Resource gets reported for copyright infringement
  • Has the reporter provided enough information in the 'report a problem' form?
    -   No: Customer Service will email the reporter to ask for more detail

    -   Yes: The copyright report will be investigated   
  • Is the resource infringing?
    No: Customer Service will email the reporter to inform them that the resource is not infringing

    Yes: The resource will be removed from the Tes site
  • Customer Service will email the reporter and author about removal
  • The resource will be reinstated if the author provides proof of copyright ownership or permission to use the content


If you have seen copyright infringement on Tes, you can report this by using the ‘report this resource’ button on all resource display pages. You can read our takedown policy here.


Note: Information contained within these pages is intended as general guidance only. This information is not intended to be, and should not be, relied upon as legal advice. If you have any questions regarding copyright, you should consult a legal adviser specialising in intellectual property law.