How to create resource bundles

Increase your sales by packaging and discounting your resources. This handy guide will help you to create your first bundle.

Tes Author Team

Bundle tool

Haven’t tried creating resource bundles yet? To help you get started, we've pulled together some quick steps to creating your first bundle as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is a resource bundle?

A resource bundle is 2 or more of your premium resources packaged together in one place with a discount of your choice applied.

Why bundle your resources?

Along with making teachers’ lives easier by helping them to find and buy all the resources they need to teach a particular topic, or a series of lessons, in one place, for less, here are a few reasons to get bundling (accurate as of 2022):

  • Bundle sales have risen by 16% year-on-year compared to single resources, which have risen by 11%

  • Only 11% of authors have created bundles so far

  • Bundles currently represent only 6% of the catalogue

Creating your first bundle

Creating bundles is quick and easy, just follow these six steps:

  1. Log in to, head to your author dashboard, click on ‘Resource management’ and select 'Create bundle' from the tabs along the top. You can also go direct to the bundler tool here.

  2. Click ‘Add resources to the bundle’ and select the resources you want to bundle together in the pop-up. NB: you can include up to 20 resources in a single bundle – at least two of them must be paid. Top tip: the average number of resources in purchased bundles last year was between seven and eight.

  3. Next, add a title and description. Try to use a clear, detailed title that includes the keyword “bundle”, so teachers know to expect a bumper resource pack at great value. Write a thorough description including: who your bundle is for, what's included, why it's useful and why you've grouped this particular set of resources together.

  4. Nearly there! Now it's time to add a price. Just type in the box how much you'd like to sell the complete bundle for. NB: a bundle must cost at least £2.00 and must not cost more than the total price of the resources included. Tes doesn’t subsidise bundle discount, so the price you enter is the price you'll earn royalty on. Top tip: the average discount of purchased bundles in the last year was between 47%.

  5. Finally, you need to add a cover image. Click ‘Browse files’, choose your image (sized at least 400x300 pixels) and click ‘Done’. NB: choose an image that shows the style, format, theme or content of your bundle so that teachers can see what they’re getting.

  6. Share your bundle! Simply click ‘Publish bundle’ and it will be live on the site. It will also appear in your resources dashboard.

Happy bundling!


Questions and answers

How do I change the age range on my bundle?

The age and subject tags for your bundle are pulled through from the resources you've included. If they’re not quite right, you'll need to edit them via your individual resources.

Can I edit the resources in a bundle once it's published?

Of course! You can add more resources, or replace a resource with a more up-to-date one, by editing bundles from your dashboard. NB: teachers who’ve already bought your bundle won’t get access to the new resources – they’ll only have access to the resources that were in the bundle when they bought it.

What happens if I delete a resource which is in one of my bundles?

Provided you still have two paid resources in the bundle, the bundle will stay live on the site and the resource will be automatically removed. If deleting a resource means a bundle ends up with less than two paid resources, the bundle will be put into your drafts and won't be available to buy until you update and re-publish it.