Setting up your Tes shop

Keen to create your Tes shop but not sure where to start? Here are a few helpful pointers.

Tes Author Team

Setting up your Tes shop


First things first, why set up a Tes shop? Well, your shop will enable you to showcase your resources using your own artwork and personality, while also presenting yourself in a business-like manner. Below are some tips on how to complete each section of the ‘Edit your shop’ page.


Shop name

Don’t underestimate the importance of this! Your username and shop name, which we’d recommend keeping the same, are a core part of your brand. How to pick one? Some authors have used their real name to create a personal connection while others opt for something that represents their resources and area of expertise. Whatever you go for, make sure it’s unique and memorable. 


Shop description

This should be a brief overview of you and your resources. It’s a good idea to include concise details about your teaching experience, subject knowledge and the type of content that you make. You could also suggest a free resource as an example of your work, or advertise new or upcoming resources you’re working on. The first couple of sentences from your shop description, along with your shop name, will be presented to users on your resource display pages, so it's a good way to attract users to your shop to browse through more of your resources! 


Shop cover photo/banner

Your shop banner will help users to form an opinion of your brand and decide whether they are interested in your resources – so think about how you can represent your resource content and personality.  It should contain your shop name, a few details and maybe some images of your resources. Remember: it needs to grab users’ attention enough to make them scroll down the page for more. Please note that a small section at the bottom left of your banner may be covered by your user icon, so please account for this in your design. Banner dimensions are 1096 x 236 pixels.

The Tes Author Team might create a shop banner similar to the image below:

Featured resources

You can select up to three resources to pin at the top of your shop to promote as your highlights. It can be a good idea to showcase something seasonal or topical, or a free resource that exemplifies your resource quality. Remember to update this section in the same way a shop window display might be updated.



You can include links to webpages or social media pages where users might want to follow your activity. These links can be updated at any time.


Here is an an example for the Tes Author Team shop.

And that's it - don’t forget to click on ‘Publish shop’ before choosing to view it. Congratulations on setting up your shop! Remember to keep coming back to update any of your details.