Top 10 tips for authors – your marketing checklist

A handy checklist to help you ensure you’re doing everything you can to promote your resources

Tes Author Team

Top 10 tips for authors

You've already got some fantastic resources in your Tes shop and now it's important to ensure that you're keeping these up to date and promoting them to teachers in every way possible. Here are our top 10 tips on how to do this.

1 Be one step ahead

It’s always worth being ready for the early birds who’ll be looking for resources weeks ahead of when they want to teach it – particularly if you create topical content. So make sure your resources are ready before they start searching.

2  Check it does exactly what it says on the tin

Don’t get caught out by underselling or overselling your resources in your titles and descriptions. Let your customers know exactly what they’re getting.

3  Pass on your exam-related knowledge

Every year of teaching an exam class is an education in itself. Share your top hacks (and lessons) with fellow teachers, including those things you wish you knew before you started teaching a tricky topic.

4 Keep things specific

Whether you’re updating content or adding new resources, specificity sells. For example, tell your customers if you made the lesson for a GCSE class taking a certain exam board.

5 Review your content

Ensure you update your tried-and-tested resources with all the learnings you’ve gathered from delivering them in the classroom, so that your customers get an up-to-date product.

6 Build a bundle

By packaging together two or more of your complementary resources you can help teachers to find all the materials they need for a particular lesson or whole topic quickly and easily (and sell more of your resources).

7 Tempt them with a freebie

By providing samples of your content, such as making one lesson out of a unit of work free, you can advertise your brand and showcase your high quality work to potential new buyers.

8 Tidy up your shop

Just as you try to keep your classroom, store cupboard and desk drawer tidy, it’s also a good idea to keep dusting down your shop, making sure your best content is on show and clearing out anything outdated.

9  Mastermind your promotions

Don’t forget to think about setting up discounts to increase your chances of sales, especially at times of the year when pockets can feel stretched.

10 Socialise on social

Start engaging with fellow teachers (read: potential buyers) across social platforms to share top tips between each other.