Outside the classroom and into the curriculum

In a digital era, ensuring students have authentic learning experiences that can bring themes and concepts to life has never been more important. Whether it’s going 135 meters above the River Thames or down into the depths of the London Dungeon, in this hub we will explore school trip ideas that combine structured curriculum-linked activities with real-world, hands-on experiences. Here, teachers share unique ideas suitable for a range of subjects including English, science, history, geography and drama. And they discuss how taking learning outside the classroom provides powerful opportunities that you can build on in class long after the visit. 

These London-based school trip ideas have been awarded a Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge and offer a rich environment to support and enhance what students are taught in lessons. Why not immerse your students in their learning with these academically intensive, guided school trips that are guaranteed to inform and inspire?

© 2020 DreamWorks Animation L.L.C. Images depict the figures created and owned by Madame Tussauds. The London Eye is conceived and designed by Marks Barfield Architects.

The London Skyline (Ages 7-13) - The London Eye resource

A journey through the human and physical geography of London. These activities enable students to locate and categorise London’s main Physical and Human features into North, South, East and West compass positions, describe the Physical and Human features of London in relation to the capital’s history, and analyse the impact of London’s architecture on its environment, culture and tourism industry.

By Merlin_Entertainments

Media and Fake News (Ages 7-13) - A Madame Tussauds London resource

An exploration of the media, fake news, and celebrity culture. This resource will stretch student’s English subject-knowledge by delving into the complex world of the media and developing their critical literacy skills. A Merlin Schools London resource.

By Merlin_Entertainments

Building Stories (Age 5-9) - a DreamWorks Tours: Shrek's Adventure! London resource

Step into story construction! Students will discover the tools behind creating a story, exploring how to plot events and to empathise with characters through drama and role-play.

By Merlin_Entertainments

The Natural World (Ages 7-11) - a SEA LIFE London resource

Dive deep into a world of underwater discovery… These lessons will support pupils in identifying “creature features”, understanding creatures’ needs, and explore ocean, river and even rainforest habitats – making some new, colourful, and incredible friends along the way! A Merlin Schools London resource.

By Merlin_Entertainments

Script Writing and Performance (Ages 12-14) - A London Dungeon resource

Pupils are invited to think about the historical context of the dungeon and how to bring a scene to life through scriptwriting and performance techniques, stretching their English and drama skills, all in the dark and mysterious and utterly HORRIBLE setting of the London Dungeon itself!

By Merlin_Entertainments