Guided Reading: The Butterfly Lion
I’m the English Coordinator at a small little school and I took on the task last year of developing a guided reading programme for KS2 as I noticed this was missing from the school.
I have included:
-the recording sheet I use with tricky vocabulary highlighted.
-a sheet of individual pupil questions that they glue into their Reading Response journals after reading a chapter with the teacher. It will save lots of paper as I got 8 sets of questions per page.

I am sharing this guided reading resource with you in the hopes that it will save you some bit of time and enhance your guided reading lesson. I know I lose countless hours looking up resources, creating resources and copying resources myself, so if this helps you in any way, then I count that as a small victory for our educating community.

About this resource:
I created this for a high ability guided reading group for Year 4. Please notice the pictures example I added at the end.

Other resources available:
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Upper KS2 Guided Reading: Reading Assessment Focus tasks linked to Bloom’s Taxonomy, Indian in the Cupboard, Wreck of the Zanzibar, Carrie’s War, Artemis Fowl


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Created: Oct 21, 2015

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

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