New knowledge rich curriculum - Of Mice and Men

Ok this is the first knowledge rich unit that I put together for Y8 based on Steinhbeck’s Of Mice and Men. My school wanted us to create new knowledge contextual booklets and work from these rather than endless printing. I have created a detailed scheme of work following five stages of a lesson - Do Now, Explanation/Reading, Modeling, Deliberate practice and Plenary. I have included all lessons in the scheme, the context booklet and glossary.

It is by no means perfect and I gathered some ideas from other members on TES and some other resources I collected many years ago. Contains a variety of assessment opportunities including creative writing, speaking and listening and extended writing opportunities (focusing on analysing language and structure etc). It took a very long time to create but I hope you can use some of it.


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  • Context-booklet-OMAM.pdf
  • OMAM-Glossary.pdf
  • Y8-OMAM-Scheme-of-Learning.pdf
  • Lesson-1.pptx
  • Context.pptx
  • Salinas-River-description.pptx
  • Introduction-to-characters.pptx
  • G-L's-American-Dream.pptx
  • G-L's-relationship.pptx
  • Ch2-bunk-house-description.pptx
  • Segregation-and-prejudice.pptx
  • Outsiders.pptx
  • Curley-and-Curley's-Wife-intro.pptx
  • Curley's-Wife-and-foreshadowing.pptx
  • Curley's-Wife-improvements.pptx
  • Hero-and-villain.pptx
  • Allegory.pptx
  • Allegory-and-natural-order.pptx
  • Curley-analysis-and-inference.pptx
  • Mistreatment-of-blacks.pptx
  • Crooks-and-prejudice.pptx
  • Prejudice.pptx
  • Curley's-Wife-and-sympathy.pptx
  • Curley's-Wife's-death.pptx
  • Steinbeck's-intentions.pptx
  • Form-and-structure.pptx
  • End-of-unit-assessment.pptx

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Created: Sep 22, 2019

Unit of work

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Unit of work

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Unit of work

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