3 ways we can support primary staff

Explore how our trusted education solutions can make working life simpler and smoother for staff in primary schools 

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For more than 100 years now, we have listened to teachers, supported their work and championed great teaching. 

So we know the pressures that can come from working in a primary setting, from squeezed budgets leading to staff having to buy their own resources to the constant need to be agile and adaptable to take on other responsibilities. We also know that the more simple and streamlined things can be, the better, so staff can focus on what matters: creating the best possible learning experiences for their students.

That’s why we’ve created solutions to help support primary staff and make their lives easier, simplifying key elements including CPD, behaviour management, communication with parents, and more.  

Here are some of the ways we can help:

Making classroom management easier

Class Charts Primary is our all-in-one classroom management tool, designed specifically for primary schools. It can help to create a positive classroom culture through data-driven tracking and analysis, making communication with parents more effective, while improving day-to-day behaviour in class and engagement with learning.

Simplifying staff management 

Our Staff Management Subscription offers everything primary schools need to recruit, train and retain the very best talent. It combines our trusted recruitment services, comprehensive online CPD training platform, wellbeing survey software and our digital magazine in an all-in-one package, for one annual price that has been set for primaries.

Bringing parents’ evening up to date

Tes Parents' Meetings, powered by SchoolCloud, enables schools to offer parents’ evenings virtually, without hassle or tech troubles. The platform is simple to use and secure, letting parents choose their own appointments (with their child’s teacher/s and other key members of staff as needed) and attend either online or in person. And the price is based on school size, so it's affordable for even the smallest settings.

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