4 reasons to offer hybrid parents’ evenings

Hybrid parents' evening are becoming increasingly popular with schools and parents alike. Here we share four reasons why you should consider offering them.

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When the pandemic shifted life online, it took schools there too. And with it, went parents’ evenings. Suddenly, these vital meetings between families and staff became video-based, private and entirely on schedule, rather than requiring a potentially stressful evening in a busy school hall. 

But now, with school life back to normal, the benefits of offering both approaches at once are becoming clear.

Here are four reasons why hybrid evenings, combining online and in-person meetings, are becoming increasingly popular. 


1. It’s more convenient for families

Offering parents a choice of meeting type means they can select the option that works best for their schedule, rather than having to balance childcare, time off work and travel to make a non-negotiable in-person appointment. 

For many families, an online conversation will be much more convenient, and Tes Parents’ Meetings’ easy-to-use platform enables families to log in from anywhere (with no log-in or password to remember), and speak via secure, encrypted video conferencing at a time that suits everyone.  


“When we made meetings online, it meant that many parents who were unable to get time off work to attend were able to on their mobile phones or at the desk in the workplace.”
Claire, Whole School Coordinator, UK Tes Parents' Meetings customer 



2. It helps keep appointments to time

One of the many challenges of the old paper-based parents’ evening approach was knowing when a meeting was supposed to happen; sheets would get lost, people would be late, or early, and suddenly the whole schedule was out of sync. 

Tes Parents’ Meetings prevents that from happening, with a simple online booking system that means parents and staff can check at a glance when their conversation is due to take place, whether it’s happening in person or online. 

Hybrid Parents Evenings

3. It offers a different atmosphere

Staff, students and parents have all reported a definite difference in tone around online parents’ evenings. Speaking from their homes means families can feel more relaxed and comfortable to share and explore things that they may be less inclined to in a busy environment, while students don’t feel under the same high level of pressure they can experience at in-person events.  

4. It simplifies logistics

Offering a hybrid evening with Tes Parents’ Meetings means a logistical load off in numerous ways. For starters, the online booking system eliminates the dreaded paper appointment slip and the inevitable time lost to chasing up, for staff and parents alike. 

And for those who opt for online meetings, there’s the added benefit of not having to negotiate travel, finding their way around the school and being heard in crowded hall, which can all be unnecessary stressors for families. 

To see how Tes Parents’ Meetings can bring convenient hybrid parents’ evenings book a free demo.