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Buying online staff safeguarding training course by course? See how your school could benefit by subscribing to Tes Safeguarding.

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Making sure all your staff, governors and volunteers have access to the right safeguarding and duty of care training can be a tricky, time-consuming and admin-heavy process. While some training is compulsory for everyone in your school community, other courses will only be mandatory or recommended for staff in certain roles. And then there are new staff who may have missed a round of training, or those who want to pursue a particular interest or take on a new role and need to develop their knowledge and confidence.

Would you benefit from upgrading to a full training subscription?

Many schools use our online shop to purchase individual courses for staff - but it may be more cost-effective to upgrade to an unlimited subscription with Tes Safeguarding.

How does our subscription compare with buying individual courses online?

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As the table above shows, Tes Safeguarding makes it easy to manage all your safeguarding training. With a subscription, your whole school community will have unlimited, year round access to a wide range of online courses in safeguarding, compliance, health and safety and wellbeing on our award-winning training platform, Develop.

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You can easily set mandatory and recommended training for individuals and groups with our study plans feature. Staff will then see these courses, and the due dates, when they log in to their individual learning page. You can also set automated email alerts to remind learners about mandatory courses and deadlines.

If staff need to retake a course, you can reset the course back to not-started, and assign the course to them again. Staff can also search the course library to find training that suits their needs and interests.

When it comes to monitoring training, you can use our reporting suite to see who has completed their training and what's outstanding. To evidence compliance for inspections or to governors, simply run a report on course completions. You can also download all staff course completion certificates.

And if a staff member loses their log in details, you can resend their welcome email!

To see how Tes Safeguarding could benefit your school, request a free trial today.

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