44% of staff feel their leaders communicate clearly

As a school leader, how do you successfully gain the trust of your school community? Our new staff wellbeing report suggests it’s by clearly communicating your vision for the school and ensuring staff feel part of that vision.

Catherine McNally, Marketing

Leadership and vision

Over the past year, schools have been using Staff Pulse, our staff wellbeing tool, to carry out extensive surveys with their staff.

Are you communicating clearly at your school?

The results show 44% of staff feel that their leaders communicate clearly*. Similarly, almost half of respondents (48%) said that the leaders at their school do what they say and make changes when necessary, and 49% feel their leadership makes good decisions.

This suggests that while at many schools there is good communication between leaders and staff, at some schools communication might not be working as effectively as it could. A lack of clear communication from leaders can cost time, productivity and work-hours and lead to poor relationships with staff and peers.

62% of staff feel their leaders have a vision for the future

Staff Pulse results show that the majority (62%) of staff feel their leaders have a vision for the future, 61% feel they’re all working towards the same overall goals at their school and 59% feel their leadership team tries new ideas. This is to the credit of you as leaders as you navigate the most challenging of circumstances.

Over a third (39%) of respondents said they feel they know how they fit into their school’s future plans. This suggests that though many leaders have vision and communicate it well, it might not always be communicated as effectively as possible across their school.

Ensure staff are on the journey with you

Staff need to believe in what their leaders are doing and the direction they’re taking their school. Laying out exactly what your vision is (as well as your plan to get there) will give your staff confidence. Teachers, administrators and teaching assistants all should understand how they fit into the overall vision and they need to see how their efforts fit into the big picture.

Staff wellbeing report

If you’re interested in reading more, we’ve published our new staff wellbeing report. It distils the anonymous results from aggregated data from Staff Pulse surveys to demonstrate how staff are feeling and how this can impact your school.


Understand how your staff are feeing with Staff Pulse

Through anonymous surveys, Staff Pulse gives your school community a voice. Collect feedback, build an action plan and measure results to improve staff wellbeing along with your school’s performance, retention and ethos.

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* Tes Staff Pulse data: correct October 2020.

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