46% of staff are kept well-informed at their school

The power of effective communication in a school setting shouldn’t be underestimated. Not only does it help to build a sense of trust and maintain strong working relationships between staff, but it’s also key to achieving high levels of productivity.

Catherine McNally, Marketing

Staff communication

Over the past year, schools have been using Staff Pulse, our staff wellbeing tool, to carry out extensive surveys with their staff.

Staff Pulse results show communication in the workplace is an issue experienced by many. Just 35% of respondents said they feel communication between staff is clear* and 36% feel this communication is timely.

46% of staff are kept well-informed at their school

A lack of a clear, timely dialogue between staff can cause confusion and ultimately means employees can become ill-informed of what’s happening at their place of work. 24% of staff feel that information isn’t shared effectively between staff, however 46% said they’re kept well-informed about what’s happening at their school.

While communication is lacking for some, Staff Pulse results show that the majority of respondents feel they have a close, compassionate relationship with their colleagues, something research has shown can improve the mood of staff, making them subsequently more productive. Some 68% of respondents feel that their co-workers care about them, 70% said they connect well with their professional peers and 78% said they enjoy working with their colleagues.

Building positive relationships

Everything in education comes down to relationships. And just as that teacher-student relationship is the heart of what happens in the classroom, so too are teacher relationships at the heart of every team in the staffroom. Building positive working relationships are so important, and we all have a duty to be nice to the people around us. If negativity is contagious – then so is positivity.

As a senior leader you know how hard a day at school can be, and the difference between a team where everyone is rowing very hard – but in different directions – to a team where an end goal is shared by everyone, and you care about all of your teammates crossing the line.

Staff wellbeing report

If you’re interested in reading more results, our new staff wellbeing report distils the anonymous results from aggregated data from Staff Pulse surveys to demonstrate how staff are feeling and how this can impact your school.


Understand how your staff are feeing with Staff Pulse

Through anonymous surveys, Staff Pulse gives your school community a voice. Collect feedback, build an action plan and measure results to improve staff wellbeing along with your school’s performance, retention and ethos.

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* Tes Staff Pulse data: correct October 2020.

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