Attracting the right leader for your school

As one of the top jobs in education, having the correct school leader in place is critically important to your school and paramount to its success.

Catherine McNally, Marketing

Attract senior leaders

Your school’s a thriving community, even a minor change can affect the school environment, so you need to take great care when making a big decision as to who is the right fit for your school. On appointment, you need to be positive you’re hiring the very best person for your school.

This person will be the driving force; he or she will need to personify all that’s good about your school and ensure its mission is upheld.

Although there’s no single model for achieving success, knowing the candidate can tailor their leadership strategies and their experience to your particular school context is vital. 

There are also fundamental questions you need to consider before hiring a new leader:

  1. What are the specific educational needs of your school?
  2. What are your school’s strengths, and what are its areas for development? How might you use this opportunity to sustain your schools’ strengths and address the weaknesses?
  3. What are the most important things your school will need to do over the next few years? What type of leader, or leadership structure, will best enable you to do this?


Finding the right fit for your school

Figuring out who the best person for your school is only half the battle, you now need to get a suitable shortlist of candidates to ensure the person you appoint is the best fit for the role you advertised.

In a major Tes and National Governance Association (NGA) survey*, 38 per cent of governors said it was difficult to attract good candidates for headteacher teaching posts.

If you’re struggling to recruit the right senior leader, we’re here to help. Our experienced recruitment professionals are experts in overseeing successful campaigns to recruit senior leaders. We’ve extensive knowledge of recruitment in state secondary and primary, independent senior, preparatory and pre-prep schools. Your campaign will have a dedicated campaign manager who will be with you every step of the way to help ensure that you’re hiring the very best person for your school.

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*School Governance in 2018, September 2018.

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