The benefits of using our online application form

There are many steps in the journey to hiring a new, talented teacher. Many of these stages are steeped in administration. Discover how our online application form can help you.

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For schools, just like yours, ensuring you receive enough applications to choose who to shortlist are a crucial but often, time-consuming part of your hiring process. By using our online form- instead of the CV upload or your own application form – you may receive up to three-times* more applications for your role. An increase in applications, means more likely to find the perfect teacher for your job.

It contains all the information schools have told us they need. As our application form lets them autofill standard information from their career profiles, teachers can devote more time writing a tailored personal statement, which makes it easier for them to apply.

Using our online application form as your application type gives also you access to all of the applicant tracking system features to support your hiring process:

Custom questions

You can customise your online application form with role-specific questions. Your education consultant can help you to add these to your online application form. Custom questions will stay on file in Tes Portal, so you don’t have to keep adding them each time you post a new vacancy.

Application statuses

Tired of printing reams of application forms and collating all manner of handwritten notes? Our application status labels could be the answer! Once the applications come in, it’s really easy to collaborate with others in the hiring team to make decisions on who to shortlist using the labels. You can even qualify your choice by adding comments to each application. Everybody in the hiring team will be able to see them, which keeps the process transparent and efficient.


You can email applicants directly from within the ATS. It records all communication in a single audit trail allowing you to keep track in one easy place. You can now format the email text, update the subject line and send attachments with emails too!

Equal opportunities dashboard

Find all the equal opportunities information candidates have provided, in one centralised place.  

Find out more and start using the online application form today.

*Job application depend on job title, subject and vacancy location