Celebrate your school's successes

Recognition of achievement and effort is a powerful tool for keeping staff motivated, especially in a school setting.

Catherine McNally, Marketing

The perks of being a teacher

Often, when we think of staff surveys, we think about problems. Uncovering the who, what and why of issues staff are facing – on both those you know about and those a survey may reveal. 

Teaching is one of the few professions where actions have an immediate impact on others. A more engaged teacher equals a more engaged class and a more engaged class results in higher academic achievement.

What would happen, if instead of focusing so hard on negative comments and issues, you looked for the good and celebrated your school’s successes. 

Celebrate your entire school community

As a school leader, you’re responsible for implementing initiatives that influence the whole school community. You need to focus on staff happiness, wellbeing and create a positive school culture and working environment. 

The key to retaining happy staff is by letting them know they’re valued. Celebrating the great things your staff and school are doing shows that you really care for them, they’re valued and that their opinion counts.

The wellbeing of teachers has a direct impact on their pupils, having a school culture where successes are celebrated means staff will be motivated to continue doing great work and pupils will continue to thrive.

Build a great place to work

If you’ve received positive comments or scores in your staff surveys why not consider including them on your website, school promotional material or job adverts. 

When looking for a place to work, finding a school where teachers know they will be celebrated and wellbeing is considered important, will be a big draw for potential employees.

If your school culture is welcoming and positive, your school will become a sought-after place to work for new teachers.

Staff Pulse

Discover how Staff Pulse can help you uncover all the reasons your school can celebrate its successes. Staff Pulse is a staff survey tool to help you make informed decisions for school improvement. Gather feedback, build an action plan and measure results to improve staff wellbeing, school performance and retention.

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