Creating a culture of positive staff wellbeing

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, supporting staff wellbeing remains a priority for schools. Our online training course, Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Schools, can help.

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Managing Wellbeing

While some of your staff will be coping well with the changes to all our lives imposed by the pandemic, others may be finding things more difficult.

Whether staff are worried about attending school for fear of infection, struggling to manage their workload and support their own children at home, suffering from loneliness, or just having a bad day, you need to be able to help them to understand that it’s okay, and have the support in place to help them manage their wellbeing.

Our Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Schools online training course can help. It will provide you and everyone working in your school with information, guidance and support to look after your own wellbeing and that of your colleagues, covering: 

  • The meaning of mental health and wellbeing, and it's impact on individuals and the workplace
  • The costs of mental health problems
  • Common mental health problems and work-related stress
  • Taking a holistic approach to wellbeing
  • How to support colleagues, senior leadership teams and governing bodies
  • Situations where staff wellbeing is at risk 
  • What positive staff wellbeing means in practice, and how you can help to create it for you and your school

This course is available as part of Tes Safeguarding, our online safeguarding and duty of care training package, powered by EduCare, which contains over 40 online courses for your whole school community covering safeguarding, compliance, wellbeing, and health and safety.

Arrange a quick no-obligation demonstration to see how it can help your school.


Mental health


The stigma that’s still sometimes attached to experiencing poor mental health means that staff can find it hard to talk about. They might feel ashamed or embarrassed, or worry about being discriminated against at school.

Research found that 34%* of education professionals have experienced a mental health issue in the past academic year. Statistically, that’s over a third of the people that you work with. The research also found that 69%* of education professionals consider they don't have enough guidance about mental health and wellbeing at work, and a further 43%* believed that their institutions didn't properly support employees who experienced mental health and wellbeing problems.

Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Schools explains how wellbeing affects all of us and provides strategies to support your own and staff wellbeing.

Work-related stress


Stress has a major impact on mental health and is often beyond the control of the individual who’s suffering. Our Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Schools course looks at the six main factors that contribute to work-related stress – demands, control, support, relationships, role and change – in detail and provides examples of different scenarios where staff wellbeing could be improved.

To get a quote for Tes Safeguarding to provide all your staff with access to our Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Schools course, plus 40 other courses to keep your community safe and ensure you're compliant with the latest legal requirements, get in touch with us today.


*Teacher Wellbeing Index, 2019

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