Help your staff to effectively manage student wellbeing

If you’ve happy teachers who are delivering great lessons to the best of their ability, you’re more likely to have happy students with better outcomes.

Catherine McNally, Marketing

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Over the past year, schools have been using Staff Pulse, our staff wellbeing tool, to carry out extensive surveys with their staff.

The results show staff care about pupil wellbeing. 96% of Staff Pulse respondents said they care about their students’ performance*, with 94% caring about their problems. Overall, 83% of respondents feel that, on the whole, the staff at their school have good relationships with the students.

Managing student wellbeing

While positive relationships are maintained by the majority, a large number of staff don’t feel they are sufficiently equipped to deal with and manage students’ mental health and wellbeing concerns. The majority of Staff Pulse respondents feel they’re expected to manage an acceptable level of risk when it comes to safeguarding or student mental health, but only 39% feel fully equipped to manage the mental health concerns of students.

Equip your staff with the tool to support their students

By providing staff with the time and tools to better support students, schools can make a real impact on stress and workload. They want to support and protect the students in their care – but they need the tools to do it. You can help by ensuring your staff have the right resources and up-to-date training in these areas. When staff understand the systems they’re working with, it will give them the confidence to provide their students the support they need.

Staff wellbeing report

If you’re interested in reading more, we’ve published our new staff wellbeing report. It distils the anonymous results from aggregated data from Staff Pulse surveys to demonstrate how staff are feeling and how this can impact your school.



Understand what support your staff need with Staff Pulse

Through anonymous surveys, Staff Pulse gives your school community a voice. Collect feedback, build an action plan and measure results to improve your school’s performance, retention and ethos.

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Managing school staff wellbeing

Pupil mental health is a lot of responsibility for any teacher to carry on their shoulders. You need to help teachers understand that it’s okay to be scared and make positive steps to support them and help them manage their wellbeing. Our Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Schools online training course can help. It considers the meaning of wellbeing, its impact on individuals and the workplace, common mental health issues and the causes of work-related stress. It also explores what positive staff wellbeing means in practice, and how you can help to create it for you and your school.

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* Tes Staff Pulse data: correct October 2020.