Helping your staff adjust to the new normal

Understanding staff wellbeing has arguably never been so important. The Covid-19 crisis has brought new and unprecedented challenges to all of us.

Catherine McNally, Marketing

Staff Pulse - new normal

Everyone is dealing with disruption to daily life as well as additional stresses, with the wellbeing implications of this varying from staff to staff.

Teachers’ wellbeing isn’t only an important issue in itself, it impacts vital outcomes, such as students’ learning and wellbeing. It's now more important than ever to have regular feedback so you can continue to adapt to make sure your school is supporting staff wellbeing when it's needed most.

Here’s are our five tips for supporting staff wellbeing in the new normal:

  1. Acknowledge what was a priority for the last academic year may no longer be the priority this year. As staff adjust to new ways of working, ensure you’re focusing your efforts on what matters the most to them.
  2. Ensure your staff know that you’re there to listen to their concerns and anxieties.
  3. Give them a space to voice what is affecting them and give suggestions on how you can improve their wellbeing.
  4. Share with your staff that you’ve listened to them and explain what changes they can expect to see.
  5. Monitor and track staff feedback over time to ensure you’re acting on the right issues and making a difference to your community.

Our staff wellbeing tool, Staff Pulse, can help you give your staff a voice and uncover how they’re adjusting to the new normal.

Get in touch today to see how it can help staff wellbeing at your school.

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