How are you monitoring catch-up funding?

We can help you to quickly and easily see what Covid-19 catch-up funding has been allocated against and measure the impact.

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From the tutoring scheme to the provision of additional counselling, no matter how you're allocating the funding within your school, Provision Map brought to you by Edukey, part of Tes, can help. You can use it to manage and track how funding is allocated and assess the impact of funding, allowing you to provide comprehensive reports to your governing boards, all at the click of a button.

"Provision Map's core usage is to assess the provisions and interventions schools have in place for pupils with SEND or pupil premium allocations. On top of tracking outcomes, it can also be used to track all pupils' catch-up funding."

Dave Williams, head of product for Provision Map

Provision Map can support you to:

  • Manage and track how Covid-19 funding is allocated
  • Provide comprehensive reports on funding streams 


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