How international schools can support staff wellbeing

It's been a uniquely difficult time for international school staff, but there are ways to help

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Managing Covid-19 has been tough for teachers everywhere, and particularly for staff in international schools. They’ve reported that the increased stress caused by Covid-19 has been their biggest challenge this year - and that’s on top of the travel restrictions that have kept many away from friends and family for extended periods. 

So how can you make sure your staff are coping? Or that getting the support they need if they aren’t? Our trusted education solutions can help. Here’s how:

Get an accurate picture of wellbeing

Staff Pulse is a wellbeing survey tool that helps you to understand how your staff are really feeling. Using regular surveys made up of questions developed by psychologists, it captures feedback across 21 different categories, including wellbeing (and you can also add your own custom questions).

All responses are anonymous, which means staff can be totally honest about how they’re feeling, helping you to identify strengths and problem areas. And these invaluable insights can form the basis of action plans for improvement, showing your staff that they’ve been heard and that their opinions matter.

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Create timetables that work for everyone

It can be difficult to accommodate flexible working, especially if you have multiple staff making different requests. But being able to offer part-time or other flexible working options can make a massive difference to wellbeing.  

Edval Timetable is our smart timetabling product. Its powerful algorithms make the complex puzzle of creating a timetable fast and easy, allowing you to prioritise teacher choices and welfare and create timetables that work for everyone, leading to happier staff and students. 

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