How Multi Academy Trusts can take better control of supply

Catherine McNally, Marketing

Take Better Control Of Supply

Why isn’t booking supply easy?

A common thread across MATs is that booking and managing supply teachers is a pain. To book a supply teacher, each of your schools needs to call around multiple agencies, and if it’s out of hours, leave a message and hope they get a response. That process is time-consuming. What’s even more time-consuming is keeping track of supply documentation (do you have it and is it up to date?) when you have no central place of storing it.

The world before Supply Manager

In addition to those problems with booking supply, MATs also have:

A lack of visibility on:

  • Safeguarding
  • Costs
  • Bookings

Difficulties in:

  • Pricing and negotiation of pricing – MATs in particular need to look at pricing across the entire school group
  • Workforce management – often managing permanent and supply teachers can be disjointed and lack visibility
  • Control of the long-term supply recruitment process

Revolutionising supply

We developed a new way to book and organise supply teachers. A way that works for everyone involved; a way that revolutionises how MATs can track supply in each and every one of their schools and one that supports them to address those problems.

Supply Manager

With Supply Manager, at a glance, you can see on a school-level: how many agencies they’re using; how many requests have been sent and the frequency of days; how much they’re spending on supply and if safeguarding documentation has been added. You can even filter by subject or role type.      

How data can help you save money

When you have the data from all schools in the group at your fingertips and can understand spend and why cover has taken place, you can begin to see where you can save money. For instance, you could select a time period and filter by a science teacher at a particular school and if you see they’re spending too much on supply, you know they urgently need to hire a permanent science teacher.

If one of your schools only works with one agency, you can see that and recommend they should be getting preferential rates. If they’re using multiples agencies they can view rates for each of them, side-by-side so understand if they’re being overcharged.

Why not see how Supply Manager can help your MAT take better control of supply.

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