How we can help provide SEND training for all teachers

Your school has a duty to create an inclusive environment for all your students, and our online SEND training courses can help you to achieve it.

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In 2019, 41% of teachers reported that there is appropriate training in place for all teachers in supporting pupils with SEN.*

Having a special educational need or disability can affect a child or young person’s ability to socialise, concentrate and understand, making them feel isolated. 

Schools have a duty to create an inclusive environment where children and young people feel they are treated equally and can learn and aspire. 

So how does your school ensure that all your staff have the training they need to create an environment where all your students can grow and flourish?

Our online SEND courses can help.

SEND awareness courses

Written in partnership with Connect, our SEND awareness courses will provide an overview of autism, dyslexia and ADHD:

  1. Autism Awareness covers what autism is, its prevalence and causes, how it’s diagnosed and the implications for pupil learning

  2. Dyslexia Awareness provides an overview of dyslexia and visual stress

  3. ADHD Awareness covers the causes, prevalence, symptoms and diagnosis through to treatment and how to support children with ADHD


Our SEND Code of Practice course covers:

  • The Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice: 0-25 years

  • What those in education must do for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities

  • Education, health and care assessments and plans

  • Maintaining and reviewing the EHC plan


Our Effective Health and Safety for Children with SEND and ASN helps staff to:

  • Understand their legal obligations regarding the health and safety of those with SEND and ASN


Our Promoting SEND Inclusion for International Schools helps staff to:

  • Define SEND inclusion and looks at the contribution that you and others can make towards it

  • Consider how local law affects the issue and find out about different models for describing inclusion

  • Get practical suggestions and advice for promoting SEND inclusion in school


If you're looking for more support, take a look at Tes Safeguarding, our online safeguarding and duty of care training package. It gives your whole school unlimited access to a wide range of expert-written online courses covering safeguarding, compliance, wellbeing and health and safety – all in one place, for one cost effective annual price.

You can also download our full course listing for UK schools or international schools.

*SEND review: right support, right place, right time