KCSIE 2022 – Tes Safeguarding course updates

Find out which courses we’re updating to help you stay up to date and compliant.

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The Department for Education (DfE) announced an update to its statutory guidance Keeping children safe in education in May 2022 that will come into effect on 1 September 2022.

Our courses are always keep up to date and already cover the major topics that are included in KCSIE 2022, but we’re making some minor amends and additions to provide you with the very latest information.

If your school already subscribes to Tes Safeguarding, you’ll have automatic access to the latest version of all our courses, as soon as they’re launched.

If you’re not a subscriber, find out more about Tes Safeguarding and how it can help your school to keep all your students safe.

Tes Safeguarding

The following courses are being updated to refer to the KCSIE 2022 guidance:

Online Safety

Child Protection Refresher

Child Protection in Education

KCSIE 2022 questionnaire

Sexual Violence and Harassment between Children and Young People

Safer Recruitment in Education

Safeguarding Young People

Raising Awareness of Peer-on-Peer Abuse - this will be renamed Raising Awareness of Child-on-Child Abuse to reflect the changes to terminology in the guidance.

All these courses will be updated ready for the new school year and the new guidance being enforced.

To find out more about Tes Safeguarding or to book a free trial, fill in our short form and we’ll be in touch.



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