Making our recruitment services GDPR-compliant

Ensuring your recruitment process is GDPR-compliant might feel like a headache, but it doesn’t have to. Find out how our ATS can help make the processing of candidate data painless

Tes Product Team

Find Out How Tes Can Help With Your GDPR Compliance

Data protection is something that organisations and schools need to take seriously. With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes more responsibility and tougher sanctions, so it’s important for all of your data processing to be fully compliant.

As well as pupil data, schools will continually be handling personal information about staff, whether they be past, present or future employees. Incoming data from prospective candidates can come in all shapes and sizes; without the right processes in place, it can get messy.

At Tes, we have developed systems that enable candidates’ personal data to be handled securely during every step of the recruitment process. Adhering to GDPR, which stipulates that all systems should be subject to data protection by design, all of our technical products put personal data at their heart. Our ATS within Tes Portal is no different.


Our ATS allows you to manage your recruitment within a secure digital platform. Keeping all of your candidate data within a secure login — and only granting access to people who need it — minimalises the chance of your school suffering a data breach.

Here are some of the tools within our ATS that can help keep your recruitment process compliant: 

Online application form

Use of our online application form enables all of your incoming candidate data to be managed securely within Tes Portal. Rather than having application forms or CVs arriving via email, and disappearing into the inboxes of wider teams, here you can ensure your data stays where you want it. This also enables you to closely control the data that you process, eliminating the chance of gathering information outside of that which is lawfully required, and allows the necessary privacy information to be displayed.

User management

By managing users’ permissions, you can give the appropriate access to those who really need it. As a Tes Portal administrator, only you can grant access to personal data, keeping everything behind a secure, centrally controlled login, which hugely increases security. 

Reference Request Tool

Our automated Reference Request Tool ensures that references can be submitted directly to Tes Portal from the referee. This secure process reduces the risk of personal information becoming breached and stops the reference data being shared unnecessarily.

The right to erasure

If you receive a right to erasure request, we can initiate a process enabling you to comply with this. Speak to your account manager and they will help you through the process.

Supply Manager

You can receive supply teacher information within Tes Portal. By enabling your supply agency to submit candidate data within our secure platform, you can review, grant access and remove personal data, all in one place.