Measure, track and improve literacy in your school

With the current focus on catch-up, identifying trends and gaps in pupil literacy levels has never been more crucial. But how do we do so without increasing teachers’ workload? 

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We can help you to:

  • Rapidly assess pupils
  • Track literacy progress
  • Measure and track literacy standards

With Literacy Assessment Online, brought to you by Edukey, part of Tes, schools have been able to assess entire year groups in as little as 20 minutes! There are three types of literacy assessments available – phonics, spelling and reading comprehension, all of which are based upon standardised data. It provides an effective tool to evaluate the measures you put in place to improve literacy standards.

Rapidly assess pupilsDS23949 Blog Image 1412x440 LAO RC 6-14 v1Our easy-to-use system enables you to quickly test multiple pupils at once using a unique generated school password.

Track progress

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You can run tests as often as you need, helping you to gain a clear view of individual pupil progress. The system also enables you to export results to Microsoft Excel and view all previous test results for individuals and groups of pupils.

Measure intervention 

Receive detailed evidence and results over time to show that your strategies and interventions are working – perfect for Ofsted!

Book a demo to see how Literacy Assessment Online is can improve literacy standards and reduce teachers' workload at your school.



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