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Helping your students and teachers to stay safe and continue learning

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Software solutions to support your school

From timetabling for social distancing to classroom management tools for blended learning and tracing pupil interaction, staff wellbeing support and infection control training, find out how our range of software can support your school during this challenging time.

Covid-safe classrooms

Timetabling to create a safer school environment

Timetabling to create a safer school environment

No matter how many students you’re welcoming into school, your major concern will be keeping everyone safe, and your timetable will be central to managing this. From social distancing to contact tracing, our timetabling software will help you to simplify this complex task.

infection control

Preventing and controlling infections

To keep your school running smoothly throughout the pandemic, it's essential that everyone is up-to-date with the principles and practice of infection prevention and control. Our online training course Infection Prevention and Control in Education can help.

Monitor pupil interactions

Monitor your pupils interactions for a safer classroom

As your pupils return to school, it’s important to ensure that pupil interactions are monitored regularly so that potential risks can be identified. Our classroom seating plan software Class Charts can help solve this headache for you.


Keeping staff and students safe during the pandemic

From optimising your workforce to planning for social distancing, contact tracing and much more, find out how our timetabling software can help you to keep your school running smoothly.

Blended learning


Delivering effective blended and remote learning

Sign up for free access to these expert guides and webinars:

  • Creating an effective timetable for remote learning
  • The Tes guide to remote learning
  • Parental agreement for video conference classes
  • Creating a remote learning culture
  • 10 point safeguarding checklist for video conferencing
  • SEND leadership
  • Safer blended learning
Blended learning illustration


Blending in-school and home learning

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, you and your staff are likely to be blending in-school and online learning for some time to come. From supporting students with remote learning to communicating with parents and students, our classroom management software can help.

Blended learning

Staff wellbeing


Creating a culture of positive staff wellbeing

Supporting staff wellbeing remains a priority for schools. Our online training course, Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Schools, will provide you and your staff with information, guidance and support to look after your own wellbeing and that of your colleagues.


Improving staff wellbeing during Covid-19

Give your staff a voice and let them share their worries with you through our staff wellbeing survey software. With Staff Pulse you can send regular anonymous surveys to help you to gather feedback on how staff are feeling and get insight into their concerns.

Catch up


Measure, track and improve literacy in your school

With the current focus on catch-up, identifying trends and gaps in pupil literacy levels has never been more crucial. Our software can help you to do so without increasing teachers’ workload.


How are you monitoring the effectiveness of your Covid-19 catch-up funding?

Provision Map can help you quickly and easily manage and track how catch-up funding is allocated and assess its impact, allowing you to provide comprehensive reports to your governing boards, all at the click of a button.

Lockdown recovery

Resources and training to help you support your pupils

With schools reopen for all students, we know that there are multiple challenges you need to manage. From re-establishing routines, managing behaviour and rebuilding your own confidence in front of a class, to checking understanding, consolidating learning and supporting everyone's wellbeing, we've got the resources, training courses and articles to help.

Recovery resources

Find out how our software and services can support your school

Contact us to learn more about our range of trusted education solutions that can help you to manage your current and future challenges, including:


  • Edval Timetable: timetabling software that can help with implementing a socially distanced timetable, contact tracing, scheduling a phased return to school and staggering start, break and lunch times

  • Class Charts, powered by EduKey: classroom management software with:

    • Lesson planning tools to support blended home and in-school learning

    • Behaviour module to enable teachers to recognise positive student behaviour while working remotely

    • Pupil wellbeing module to help teachers safely and securely communicate any concerns or issues

    • Teacher-parent-student communication tools for easy two-way communication during home learning

    • Seating plan tool for implementing social distancing in the classroom

    • Interaction history tool to instantly track a specific pupil's interactions with other pupils within the classroom

  • Staff Pulse: staff wellbeing survey tool that can help SLT to understand and address the current concerns of staff

  • Tes Develop: online learning platform that provides unlimited access to our online training courses, powered by EduCare and Tes Institute, to support and develop your staffs' knowledge and confidence in safeguarding and duty of care, infection control, blended and remote learning, assessing pupil progress, and much more

  • Literacy Assessment Online: software to identify trends and gaps in pupil literacy levels without increasing teachers’ workload.
  • Provision Map: Software to help you quickly and easily manage and track how Covid-19 catch-up funding is allocated within your school and assess its impact

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