Monitor pupil interactions and Covid-19 test results

As your school community returns, it’s important to ensure pupil interactions and Covid-19 testing history are monitored regularly so that potential risks can be identified. Our software, Class Charts, can help solve this headache for you.

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How we can help:

  • Generating pupil interaction reports
  • Providing rapid assessment of at-risk pupils
  • Receiving instant close proximity lists
  • Recording Covid-19 test results
  • Overseeing Covid-19 test results

Class Charts can be used to help schools manage the burden of test and trace by recording the tests in a few clicks and saving you time collating the data onto spreadsheets. It also links to your interaction history page which tracks pupils interactions with others within the classroom, as well as the member of staff who taught them and the room they were in. All information can be exported to support with reporting requirements.

With interaction history*, if a pupil becomes ill with coronavirus, with Class Charts you can trace their interactions, proximity to others and easily identify which pupils they came in contact with.

Pupil interaction reports

Pupils interaction reports

You’re able to instantly track a specific pupils interactions with other pupils within the classroom, as well as the member of staff that taught them and the room they were in. 

Colour coding of at-risk pupils

Colour coding of at-risk pupils

The colour coding provides a rapid assessment of which pupils may have been at risk.

For example:

Red: pupils were in the same class, seated close 

Blue:  pupils were in the same class, we don't know if seated close

Yellow: pupils were in the same class, but seated apart

Grey: pupils was not attending the class

Close proximity lists

Close proximity lists

You’re able to quickly filter the report to show pupils who have been in confirmed close proximity to one another within a certain time frame.

Recording Covid-19 test results

COVID Test TrackingAs pupils will be tested regularly for Covid-19, it's vital your school is able to track the results from a centralised location. Class Charts allows teachers to record these test results via the Covid test tracking module. You can keep track of the date that the test was taken on, the barcode associated with the test, the test result and any additional notes into the form provided.

Each Covid-19 test result will be added to a pupil’s test history, which will list the results of all previous tests. These results can then be edited or deleted.

Overseeing Covid-19 test results

Once Covid-19 test result data have been added to Class Charts, you can oversee the results and ensure there are no gaps in pupil testing .You can also create a spreadsheet copy of Covid-19 test results for your whole school.


*Interaction history will only work for SIMS Schools on WONDE or XoD and is only available to Class Charts administrators.