The Recruitment Crisis in Numbers

How bad is the teacher recruitment crisis? Here are the need-to-know numbers

Grainne Hallahan

Teaching Recruitment Crisis

Teacher numbers


the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) teachers working in state-funded schools in England, up only 400 from last year.


the percentage increase of FTE teachers compared to 2018.

the number of years teacher recruitment targets have been missed.


the number of trainee secondary phase teachers the government failed to recruit to hit their target.


the total number of teaching post vacancies in the state sector – rising from 380 in 2010.


the number of teachers who left the profession in 2019.


the current percentage of qualified teachers who leave teaching each year.


the number of qualified teachers who are not currently teaching in the state sector. 


the percentage of trainee teachers who went on to work in a state-funded school in 2017.

Student numbers


the estimated number of primary school students in 2027, a drop of 113,000 from 2018.


the estimated number of students that will be in secondary school by 2027, an increase of 14.7 per cent and 418,000 higher than in 2018. 

Pupil:teacher ratios


the ratio of pupils to teachers in state secondary schools, a rise of 0.3


the increase in the number of secondary school pupils per teacher since 2012.

All data refers to schools in England and is taken from the Department for Education’ s School Workforce in England, the Teacher recruitment and retention in England briefing paper, and National Pupil Projections

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