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Our case studies will help your staff to extend and deepen their thinking about the more complex safeguarding situations they may face.

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Safeguarding is an area where knowledge should always be kept up to date, and a great way to reinforce learning is through reflective practice. So we've developed a range of short case studies to follow on from the usual courses available in our online training package, Tes Safeguarding. These will promote deeper, reflective thought on how learners might tackle safeguarding situations.

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Each case study highlights a particular area of safeguarding and features a thought-provoking scenario with questions that ask the learner how they would handle aspects of the situation posed to them.

Learners are invited to submit their reply and compare it with model responses that are provided after they've submitted their own ideas. They can download and print their own thoughts alongside the model responses at the end of the case study.

Each case study takes approximately half an hour and learners will receive a 0.5 CPD credit and a personalised downloadable certificate on completion.

We've included optional narration of each case study module for accessibility, and they can be printed for future reference.

Case studies include*:

  • Preventing Bullying (11 – 16 years)
  • Child Exploitation (11 – 16 years)
  • Online Safety (11 – 16 years)
  • LGBTQ (11 – 14 years)
  • Consent (14 – 16 years)

  • Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour (7 – 12 years)

  • Child-on-Child Abuse (11 – 16 years)

  • Online Hacking

  • Equality and Diversity

  • Domestic Abuse: Coercive Control (14-16 years) 

  • Domestic Abuse: Peer-on-Peer Harassment (14-16 years)

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*Case studies will be released throughout 2022.