Staff wellbeing report

Over the past year, we have been working with schools to give them a better understanding of staff wellbeing, what their areas of success are and where they could potentially improve.

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Staff wellbeing report October 2020

School and teaching staff are the most crucial factor in the education system. They simplify the complex, expose children to new and different knowledge and ideas, and inspire them in a way that’s integral to ensuring their future success. 

With the current added pressures of remote teaching, reopening schools and managing different arrangements to keep students safe, looking after staff wellbeing has never been more important.

Over the past year, schools have been using Staff Pulse, our staff wellbeing tool, to carry out extensive surveys across their school. School staff across the globe have answered over 61,000 questions in order to help their senior leaders gain an understanding of how they’re feeling. 

This report distils the results from aggregated data from Staff Pulse surveys in the past year to demonstrate the current state of staff wellbeing and how this can impact a school’s operations. We also examine the simple steps schools can take to improve their staffs’ wellbeing, from creating a culture of feedback and openness among colleagues to ensuring their staff have the resources and emotional support they need.


For more details on Staff Pulse and how it can support your school click here.

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