Supply Manager: the benefits of having your supply data all in the one place

Catherine McNally, Marketing

Supply Manager

Schools, just like yours, are facing a staffing crisis meaning you need to tackle challenges like the current teacher recruitment and increasing retention issues. As a result, you may need to rely more and more on supply teachers.

A dependence on supply can pose its own problems: getting the right supply teachers for your school has a direct impact on the quality of children’s learning, often the process to hire these teacher is time-consuming and managing and getting the best out of supply agencies can be painful.

Supply Manager

The good news is that there’s a way for you to find suitable candidates with Supply Manager on Tes Portal AND view all your supply data all in the one place.

Supply Manager means that you can digitally send out daily or long-term supply requests to local agencies - removing the hassle of the calling individual agencies.

'Supply Manager is great because it has everything you need in one place.' - Assistant Headteacher, Mitchell Brook Primary School

Transparent data

Having everything in one place can help simplify the supply process and enables you to easily access and manage all the data - from start to finish - without it impacting your workload.

With Supply Manager, every candidate that an agency proposes appears in Tes Portal and all their information is presented in the same format, which means you don’t compare emails or what information is missing. If a proposed candidate has safeguarding information or references missing it’s easy to spot and request, empowering to choose the right supply teacher for your school.

Schools have mentioned it’s useful to book supply in the same area as they manage permanent recruitment. It gives them a better overview, helps them with workforce planning and it’s more transparent.

Supply Manager is quick and easy to access whenever and wherever you are. Giving you the control, convenience and confidence that you’ll find right supply teacher for your school.

Why not see how Supply Manager can support you to hire you next supply teacher. Find out more.

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