Tes launches new all-in-one solution for schools

Tes has supported schools for over 100 years and today marks the launch of a new and exciting subscription that aims to continue to help schools and students flourish.

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Staff Management Subscription

Our new Staff Management Subscription supports teachers in every aspect of their careers. Schools can now recruit, train and retain their talented teams with this all-in-one solution.

Three in one

Up until now, the recruitment, training and wellbeing of teachers across schools large and small has often been tackled separately. School leaders have traditionally used different solutions for these fundamentally important elements of managing a school. By bringing these together as one holistic subscription, it not only saves time and increases value, but it also gives school leaders more predictability around costs and supply.

Tes Staff Management Subscription Teacher recruitment

As the teacher shortage continues here in the UK, as well as across the world, getting the right staff for schools remains challenging. It is time-consuming for senior leaders – when they are busy enough as it is. With a Staff Management Subscription, schools can view over half a million teachers and leaders that are open to work, and manage their recruitment processes with a simple, secure and fully GDPR compliant automated system.

Training and development

The online training platform included in the Staff Management Subscription offers flexible and personalised training in one place – so schools can be sure to offer high quality and coherent training and development to their staff. With a subscription, schools will get unlimited access to over 140 expertly written courses in safeguarding and duty of care, professional studies and subject knowledge. The subscription also includes whole-school access to the new Tes Magazine with the latest education news, analysis and guides as well as pedagogy and research – all delivered through a brand new online platform.

Listening to the teacher community

We know that teaching is not always easy, and it is really important that schools are equipped with tools to listen to their whole school community. Using the staff wellbeing survey tool included in the subscription, schools can gain feedback and insights on a regular basis to identify issues, track improvements, and bring their staff wellbeing strategy to life.

Staff management brochureMercedes Gonzalez-Gorbena, Tes chief product officer (CPO) said:

“Great training, development and wellbeing is fundamental to maintaining motivated and engaged staff. Schools want to make sure that both current and prospective staff feel taken care of, appreciated and valued, which this solution can help them with”. 

Rod Williams, Tes CEO added:

“We understand the multi-faceted challenges of leading a school and wanted to help by bringing it all together. This product launch will help run the recruitment, development and retention of valued teachers as well as supporting their wellbeing as seamlessly as possible. By providing this all-in-one solution, Tes is continuing to fulfil its vision of delivering the products that help schools and students flourish”.

For more information on how our Staff Management Subscription can help your school to take a more holistic approach to staff management that includes CPD and wellbeing, or to request a demo, just fill in our short form and one of our education consultants will be in touch.

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