Tes Safeguarding: 1.7 million courses taken in 2020

We’re supporting schools to achieve their number one priority: to keep all their students safe, and our top 100 schools* are each taking an average of 2,722 online safeguarding courses a year.

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2020 was a tough year for schools in so many ways, but most challenging and important of all was their ability to ensure that students remained safe while classrooms were shut and learning for the majority took place online.

How did your school ensure that staff were equipped with the knowledge and confidence to support students in these isolating times? Many schools turned to Tes Safeguarding, our flexible online safeguarding and duty of care training package, to provide their staff with up to date training on the issues that came to the fore.

In total 1,733,274 courses were taken in 2020  – that’s an average of 4,749 courses per day.

Our top 10 courses in 2020 were:

Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People 120,240 completions
Child Protection in Education               90,404 completions
A Practical Guide to GDPR for Education 90,168 completions
The Prevent Duty         76,764 completions
Staying Safe Online 62,674 completions
Equality and Diversity 49,114 completions
Safeguarding Young People 33,840 completions
Dealing with Bereavement and Loss   29,811 completions
Fire Safety in Education 26,146 completions
Child Neglect   21,040 completions

Our top 100 schools each complete an average of 2,722 courses per year, and since 2017, they’ve completed a combined total of 415,000 courses!

Collaborative buying power and autonomous reporting

Equals Trust case study image

In the three years that primary multi-academy trust Equals Trust have been using Tes Safeguarding their staff have accessed 3,276 courses.

They’ve gained both flexibility and control over their safeguarding training and reporting, and made big savings. If they’d bought all the courses their staff took individually it would have cost seven times as much.

Discover how Tes safeguarding can support your school

Safeguarding and duty of care video

Our safeguarding and duty of care training package provides unlimited access to over 40 online safeguarding, compliance, health and safety, and wellbeing courses for one annual price. Plus you’ll get access to our robust reporting suite which allows individual schools, and larger governing groups, to monitor learning progress and evidence training to inspectors.

To find out more about how Tes Safeguarding can help your school to keep all your students safe, to get a quote or to book a demo just fill in our short form, and we’ll be in touch.

*Ranked by courses completed.

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