Tes Wellbeing Report 2022: the results

How are school staff around the world coping in these challenging times? Our 2022 survey has the answers

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Tes Wellbeing report 2022 image

Update: Tes Wellbeing Report 2023 now available here.

The Tes Wellbeing Report 2022 brings together the results of a survey of more than 4,300 school staff across the globe.

We asked them about a wide variety of topics linked to their wellbeing, from flexible working opportunities to how confident they are in their role and how much they feel like part of a team. 

The results make for fascinating reading, including that:

  • In the UK, staff confidence is down 41 percentage points year on year

  • More than half of staff in international schools wouldn’t recommend their school to friends as a place to work

  • Only 42 per cent of staff worldwide feel supported at work

To find out more about how school staff are really doing in these difficult times, download your copy of the report now. 


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