The true cost of having unfilled roles

Catherine McNally, Marketing

The True Cost Of Having Unfilled Roles

Recruiting for any role is stressful and time-consuming. When it’s a hard-to-fill role; such as English, maths or science, your stress levels can often double. 

The key to attracting the right teacher for these roles is to have a shortlist that you can hone, filled with candidates you’d actively consider hiring.

The reality for many schools, just like yours, is getting to the point where you have enough applications from suitable candidates isn’t always easy. 

This can be for a variety of reasons; there are certain times of the year when there’s a high level of competition or there’s a shortage of suitable candidates in your area.

Budget pressure

Despite these plausible explanations, the role remains unfilled and you still need a teacher to give your pupils the education they deserve. 

You know you have options, but, they may come at a cost:

  • Re-advertising the role
  • smartMatch
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Short-term to permanent supply
  • Long term supply



If you’re struggling to fill a role and you’re concerned about the knock-on effect on your budget, why not talk to us about smartMatch. You’ll reach more than 300,000 teachers who’ve let us know their career preferences and are open to a chat about the right role.

Did you know, 60% of teachers who aren’t actively looking for a career move, could be tempted to change role for the right opportunity? smartMatch can help you reach high-quality and experienced candidates who aren’t actively looking for a new role, but could be tempted to change jobs.

If you have an Excel Recruitment Subscription, smartMatch for English, maths and science roles are included in the cost of your Recruitment Subscription. Other roles will incur a charge – contact your account manager for more information. It’s half the cost of a typical recruitment agency* and you’ll only pay if you appoint a teacher we introduce you to. 

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*Recruiting a teacher through a recruitment agency is typically charged at between 15-20% of the teacher’s salary. Pwc, 'Feeling the Squeeze' 2016.

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